Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-Up

The villagers of Tai Bwo Wannai have returned since some brave adventurers resolved the Jungle Potion Quest, but they're not happy about the jungle encroaching back into the village or the run-down rotten fencing.

If you happen to be passing through Tai Bwo Wannai, would you mind giving the local villagers a hand? You can train your woodcutting skill and who knows what you might find as you're hacking away with your machete? And the locals are always grateful, rewarding you for the favours you perform so you can really enjoy what the village has to offer.

Of course, you need to be prepared for any eventuality, as you never know what's lurking in the jungle thicket! Perhaps a deadly poisonous Bush Snake? Or a vicious jungle spider? Maybe a rare and useful plant? Or a mineral-rich rock?

Foolhardy, brave or even courageous adventurers of every shape and persuasion may find the route to new intermediate-level ranger armour here. Is it the route to certain riches or the road to certain death? Or perhaps just the route to a nice relaxing village break by the sea, away from all that dreadful fighting!

And village life may not be all that different from adventuring after all! What with the strange local delicacies, the physical incarnations of menace and the bounteous finds, it's a veritable home away from home!

This update refreshes the Tai Bwo Wannai Village area with a fun and exciting addition to the Woodcutting skill. Featuring:

  • 3 new machete types, and new uses for your lower level gems.
  • Five new ranger armour items for intermediate level players.
  • New local jungle currency and a special shop in which to use it.
  • New jungle villager costumes in three different colours.
  • 3 new and unique jungle NPC types to tackle within Tai Bwo Wannai.
  • 3 new shields with unique attributes.
  • New food item to restore your run energy.
  • New addition to farming allowing you a new crop to grow.
  • Scary new masks.
  • New food item for the jungle area (spider on a stick).
  • Innovative postal system to get items from the area back to your bank.
  • Two new wood types and a new proboscis item to collect for future expansions.

In other news...

Watch out for yet more new random events as you travel the world, including wandering pirates, the return of Niles, Miles & Giles and the chance to be kidnapped by an evil cat! Details are given in our manual.

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