Teletabs, Clues and Poll #17

Teletabs, Clues and Poll #17

This week's update introduces the remaining changes voted for by you in feature poll #16.

  • When making spell tablets in a player-owned house, the lectern now offers options for Make-X and Make-All.
  • Bloodveld and Dark beasts now have a chance of dropping hard clue scrolls.
  • Clue scrolls and caskets now state the levels in their names.
  • A minigame chat has been added for finding POH Parties.
  • The Pyramid Plunder overlay now displays your time remaining more accurately.
  • Pharoah's sceptres now show charges remaining

In other news...

Now that the birthday celebrations are over the Elves have tidied up and closed Prifddinas to passing adventurers again. Slices of birthday cake have passed their expiration date and have subsequently disintegrated.

Feature poll #17 is now open, featuring PDC Winner The Motherlode Mine, New hairstyles and Easter! Click here to vote.

Our work on the Wilderness is nearing completion and we are aiming to release the update next week on Thursday 13th March. To see what we've been working on this week tune into our Q&A livestream tonight, on Twitch at 5pm GMT.

Whenever we've got something cool working, we'll usually tweet pics straight out from our Twitter channels - @JagexReach, @JagexAsh, @JagexJohnC and @JagexMatK - so do follow us if you want to see the latest progress.

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