Temporary Changes to Death Mechanics

Temporary Changes to Death Mechanics

Due to the recent intermittent attacks causing network issues we have slightly, and temporarily, reworked what happens with your items when you die.

If you are not in PvP combat when you die you will now have 30 minutes to return to your items. For the first minute of this timer your items will only be visible to you and for the remaining 29 minutes your items will be visible to everyone.

This is a temporary change to help prevent people losing their items due to the recent network issues that we have been experiencing. Once these issues are resolved the death mechanics will be reverted to their usual state.

Please note that the death mechanic has not been for changed when a player dies in PvP combat.

Even with this change we would strongly suggest that you do not partake in dangerous/high-risk content such as PvP or high level PvM and as always, don't risk anything you're not prepared to lose whilst these network issues are ongoing.

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