Temporary Closure of the Bounty Hunter Craters

Temporary Closure of the Bounty Hunter Craters

We have temporarily closed the entrances to the Bounty Hunter craters while we fix a few problems with it. Broadly speaking, we are looking to fix the following issues:

  • The level-matching system wasn’t working at all well, with players often ending up in unfair battles they were unlikely to win.
  • With the launch of PvP worlds, Bounty Hunter suddenly became less populated, which meant the bounty mechanic stopped working properly. We still love the idea of a bounty mechanic with players being given targets, but we think it can be done so much better, especially given what we have now learnt from PvP worlds.
  • Real-world trading was occurring at quieter times of the day.

Don’t worry, Bounty Hunter isn’t disappearing forever - we’re just disabling it while we fix the problems. Bounty Hunter will be back. :)

We do not intend to reset the hiscores tables associated with the minigame, and will make sure that everyone’s hard work on those hiscores is not lost.

You will still be able to use the Bounty Hunter bank and the games necklace teleport to the area.

Mod Mark
Lead Designer - RuneScape

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