Test Yourself During the Bonus XP Weekend!

It’s Skilling week here during our Clan Celebration Month and we’re laying down the gauntlet for everyone taking part in the Bonus XP weekend. With a series of challenges and tests for individuals and clans, how much are you willing to test yourself over the weekend?

Our patented “Skill-O-Meter” will be tracking your experience and giving you a score based on how much you achieve over the weekend. It’s not only for the most experienced and dedicated skillers, there are options for every player depending on your playing style. Our Skill-O-Meter is so clever it not only tracks individual players, but will track whole clan’s progress over the weekend - if you think your clan is good enough, that is...

Clans have been issuing challenges to those that call themselves adventurers in RuneScape, seeing if they are worthy opponents. If you’re part of a clan looking to set some challenges, there is still time to test RuneScape’s community. The challenges are all friendly and light-hearted, but there is a place in the Clan Celebration Month’s “Hall of Fame” for those players who can complete the clans' challenges over the weekend and top our Skill-O-Meter.

To find out more and sign up for our Skill-O-Meter and Clan Challenges, head over to Clan Celebration Month events forum thread. To find out more about the Clan Celebration Month click here.

Mod Timbo and Mod Kathy
Community Management

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