Thank You, RuneScape Players - A Message From Mod Warden

What can I say RuneScape fans? We knew you were awesome - we’ve seen it time and again - but the last few days have been something else!

Credit: Turoki, Steam

When we announced Steam, we asked for you to help us welcome new players into the world of RuneScape and show them just what this community has to offer. And oh my gosh did you.

As launch hour arrived, you filled the Steam Launch Parties to the brim with celebrations, positivity and a whole lot of fun. Imagine seeing that as your first experience in RuneScape!

When the official party ended, you kept it going by flocking to free-to-play worlds to help new players, showing them the ropes, gifting out gear or even just cheering them on. Seeing your stories and experiences has been an absolute joy.

Credit: throwaway861391, Reddit

What really blew us away was that your spirit wasn't only shown in the game, either – across our community, we saw you light up to welcome new players and make this such a special moment for RuneScape.

Your efforts could be seen everywhere; you set up support channels in the Discord Servers, all the helpful responses in threads, your assistance in live Stream chats and in the incredible guides and informative videos you created.

Within hours, creators had packed the RuneScape Steam Hub full of helpful videos and beautiful artwork to show potential future adventurers what RuneScape truly is. And in RuneScape’s Steam Reviews, you turned out in your thousands to leave heartfelt thoughts to tell others why they should join this world too.

Credit: P4BL4S, Steam

When we talk about RuneScape, we often mention Gielinor as being a welcoming and thriving world – and that’s because we know you live there. This has been the RuneScape community at its absolute best and it’s been a privilege to watch.

This week, the star of the show was not our launch, but all of you. On behalf of all us on the RuneScape Team, whether you got directly involved or just cheered from the sidelines, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Over this weekend – and beyond - there’s still plenty more players about to take their first steps in Gielinor. Together, let’s keep this party going and continue showing just why the RuneScape community is as awesome as it is!

Mod Warden

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