Thanksgiving Turkeys and Community Event

A problem is brewing in Lumbridge this Thanksgiving. It seems that Phileas, the Lumbridge Sage, has happened upon some rather troubling manuscripts near his home and he needs your help to solve the mysteries they reveal.

Solving the clues will prove a tough challenge as you pit your wits against a mysterious clue-setter and his secret network of contacts. Regardless, if you can stay the course and solve the clues over the next four days, you’ll certainly have proven your detective skills.

For those with the steely determination and the requisite clue-solving abilities, a new item and emote will be yours for the claiming. Simply head over to the official Cryptic Clue Fest thread for your first clue and an explanation of what to expect, and then keep checking the thread each day of this holiday weekend (Thursday-Sunday) for subsequent clues.

That’s not all this Thanksgiving, though. For anyone who’s not yet helped him out, the Lumbridge cook’s brother has some turkey-related shenanigans he’d like some help with. Either talk to the cook’s brother in Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen or check out this Knowledge Base page for more information.

Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!

If you're after something else to do between solving clues, our friends over at FunOrb have recently launched a single-player campaign for the RuneScape inspired game Armies of Gielinor. The God Wars are in full swing and the forces of Saradomin and Zamorak are engaged in a struggle for domination. Take control of the Zamorak horde as it enters the fray and battles for control of Morytania. This update is free-to-play for all and comprises of 17 mission of tactical action against some fiendishly clever opposition. Six Achievements are available for you to earn, so head over to FunOrb to try the game and see if you can claim Morytania for the forces of Zamorak.

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