The Clan Cup 2012

This summer, the Clan Cup returns for the fourth time! With Combat, Skilling and Combined sections, itís time to find out, once again, who is destined to be RuneScapeís number one clan.

The Clan Cup has a very proud tradition. Many clans have tried to claim the coveted prize of being number one in their field: whether that aim is to be the foremost combat clan; the top skillers; or those most masterful in combining both.

So, what is the Clan Cup?

Itís an annual tournament where the clans of RuneScape come together to battle it out for competition and fun! Naturally, the most experienced and high-ranking clans will be participating, but everyone is able to join in, have a bit of fun, and take part in the single largest clan tournament of the year.

As always, the tournament is open to everyone: lower-level and brand-new players alike. In fact, there will be a section of the competition to suit everyone, so donít worry if you donít know your super sets from your Ancients; you can still take part in RuneScapeís premier player tournament.

Last yearís winners, RuneScape Dinasty (Combat), Divination (Skilling) and Family Unity Network (Combined) are already fired up and champing at the bit to reclaim their titles, but who is waiting in the wings with plans to take these accolades from them?

The eventual winners will have the names of their clans permanently embedded in RuneScape history, on the in-game clan plaque that honours each yearís champions.

On top of all that, weíve also seized the opportunity to incorporate an element of combat competition within the brand-new combat beta servers, so a smaller, combat-focussed event will be running in the beta, side-by-side with the main event on the regular servers. Take a look here for further details.

Weíll be giving a lot more detail about the tournament nearer the time, but for now you need to register your interest and get the ball rolling by speaking with your clan mates, talking about tactics and deciding how best to approach the different categories of the tournament.

Registration for this yearís tournament is open now and will run for just under two weeks, so make sure that you hold your clan meetings and get signed up before Sunday 24 June to bag your place in a summer of clan-related mayhem!

The tournament kicks off on Monday 25 June, so click here now to head over to the Jagex Clan Cup forum and get registered!

If you need to start a clan or see what existing clans are all about, take a look here.

Good luck!

Mod Timbo

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