The Dead Walk!

The world of Gielinor has been plagued by sightings of ghastly monstrosities rising forth from the ground and terrorising the living. We've seen hands that crawl without a body and there have been sightings of strange, shambling forms disappearing into the darkness.

Our sages have divined that these occurrences can mean only one thing... As the veil between worlds thins over the Halloween period, the dead are rising from their graves to terrorise the living!

These strikes can happen anywhere, on any world and at any time. The sages augur that as we approach All Hallows Eve we will see the power of the unquiet dead grow, from the crawling hands seen recently, to shambling, dangerous zombies in the weeks leading up to Halloween. The scrying pools grow dark and our seers dare not delve into events surrounding Halloween itself; all we know is that whatever manifests will be truly terrible.

The dead want nothing more than to possess the living and have another chance at life. We must not let this happen!

We need your help to stop the undead from breaking in to RuneScape. They will appear randomly, but hands will usually break through first, to open the gateway for more powerful undead. The hands are of no threat and can only exist in our realm briefly, but those that follow must be destroyed!

Help us to wipe out the zombie infestation by keeping a watchful eye out and alerting allies to your cause when they start to appear. Join our Friends Chat, 'UndeadTracks', to communicate with your fellow undead hunters, and follow the fight on the official forum thread.

Mod Crow & Mod Kathy

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