The Dragonfire Shield

Those players who have completed the Dragon Slayer quest will already be able to get anti-dragonbreath shields from the Duke of Lumbridge. Oziach has recently found a way for members to upgrade this shield using a draconic visage - a powerful artefact from a forgotten age that is only occasionally dropped by powerful dragons. Combining the draconic visage with the anti-dragonbreath shield will result in a new type of shield: the dragonfire shield.

The dragonfire shield's power relies on storing dragonfire. The shield absorbs dragonfire just like the anti-dragonbreath shield, but every time it does so its stats become a little more powerful. The shield is also effective against the breath of skeletal wyverns (and it will even charge the shield - the same is true of the King Black Dragon's poison and ice breath attacks). The stored dragonfire can also be released by operating the shield, slightly reducing the shield's stats but firing a blast of dragonfire at an opponent!

On the topic of dragons, we've also updated Crandor to make it look more like the woeful place it became after Elvarg arrived. You'll also notice that the dungeon connecting Crandor to Karamja has been improved, and Elvarg's lair looks much more like a place a dragon might choose to live.


Requirements to make the dragonfire shield

Anti-dragonbreath shield
Draconic visage
Level 90 Smithing (if you don't want to pay Oziach to make it for you)

Requirements to use the dragonfire shield

Level 75 Defence

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