The Evolution of Combat

Last week you may have spotted Mark talking about an exciting addition to RuneScape coming your way. The eagle-eyed among you might even have seen some of the teasers we’ve released over recent weeks. It gives us great pleasure to announce that the evolution of combat is well into development and will be coming this summer. In fact, this update is so huge it promises to be one of the largest content updates in RuneScape’s history!

At RuneFest 2011, Mod Chris L and Mod Rathe discussed the ins and outs of the current combat system, its pros and cons, and the changes that we and you - the players - would like to see. We’ve been working hard since then to completely overhaul and upgrade the combat system; to make it more fluid, interactive and exciting for everyone, and to lay the foundations for the future!

As this is such a significant evolution of the game, we’ll be running our first ever BETA test, starting in the week commencing with the 25th of June. We value your input, and we know you are the best people to tell us what works and what doesn’t.

Next week we'll be sharing many more details and how to get access to the Beta test, so check back in with us and be ready to mark your calendars for the big day!

This is your chance to impact the shape of RuneScape's evolving combat system by giving us your feedback. When the full launch occurs we’ll be re-defining RuneScape and taking the game play and excitement to a whole new level.

Mod Mark

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