The Forgettable Tale...

Return to Keldagrim in Part 2 of the Rise of the Red Axe! What happened after the player helped to rebuild The Giant Dwarf in the previous quest in the series? Was the director of the Red Axe just making idle threats at the Consortium meeting? Does he have any special plans for the dwarven capital of Keldagrim? And is the city really about to be invaded by an army of kebabs, as one particularly drunken dwarf claims? Visit him and listen to the Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf!

This part of the dwarf campaign features a particuarly fiendish puzzle, further development to the Red Axe storyline and yet more exciting dwarf cutscenes. This quest is a replacement for the gardening quest mentioned in the behind the scenes document earlier this month. Sadly the seeds we ordered haven't been delivered on time so we will all have to wait a few weeks to help the Queen of Varrock and her weed-ridden garden. Fortunately the Forgettable Tale which was scheduled for August is ready now, so we've still got a great update for you this week.

Other Changes

If you have completed the Recruitment Drive quest and chosen to set your respawn point to Falador, you will now go to Falador rather than Lumbridge if you are saved by a Ring of Life. Previously the Ring of Life always took players to Lumbridge regardless of their chosen respawn point.

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