The Marketplace - launching soon!

The Marketplace - launching soon!

RuneScape’s in-game shopping experience is getting an upgrade! We’re taking it to the next level with the Marketplace, a brand new store opening this Monday June 7th!

Whether you need a new outfit or a slick emote, the Marketplace consolidates Runecoin, Oddment, Bond and web/in-app storefronts into a one-stop shop, with everything you need make your experience of Gielinor unique and authentically you.

We want to give you more razmataz for your RuneCoin, so we’re streamlining the in-game shopping process based on your feedback. This will be a collaborative process and we will continue to develop and grow the store in discussion with you, the community.

To mark the launch of the Marketplace, swing by to pick up a brand new furry friend! Meet the fearsome Kyatt, the perfect companion for the busy shopper:

He's got sabre teeth and an eye for a bargain... Click and drag to rotate the model and scroll to zoom in!

What's happening to Solomon's General Store, you may ask? We'll be adding new content updates to the Marketplace from now on, but for your convenience you will still be able to buy all the older cosmetics and other items from Solomon's Store on our website, which will remain open for the time being.

Ultimately, though, we’re working towards making the Marketplace the sole in-game storefront for purchasable content, and we'll be adding plenty of exciting new costumes, pets, hairstyles, and much more over the coming months. Be sure to drop by and share your thoughts on the new design!

- The RuneScape Team

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