The New Interface System Enters Open Beta

With RuneScape 3 on the horizon and the New Interface System replacing the existing one, it is time for everyone to have their chance to provide feedback before launch. Your support so far has been fantastic, and since April we have made vast improvements to the system. All of this is based on your feedback, and that will continue up to and beyond the launch of RuneScape 3.

From today, every RuneScape player will be able to log into the NIS Beta and access the dedicated feedback forums. Whether you're a members or a free player, you now have your chance to help define the future of the game.

In addition to making the beta completely open, we’re also adding XP rewards for those of you who participate. You will be rewarded in your choice of XP based on the time and effort spent in the beta. You can collect your XP reward on the launch of RuneScape 3 - information on how to do so is coming soon!

Today, we’ve also released the latest batch of fixes and improvements, which include:

Improved Bank Interface

Updated visuals and inventory integration make the bank much smoother and easy to use. It’s also resizable, so you can make the most of your larger screen.

All New Quick Inventory

Those mysterious extra slots on the action bar have been brought to life. Your inventory now has two customisable slots that can be used to stack items on your action bar without taking up valuable combat space. It’s great for skilling or filling with food to use during combat.

100s of Fixes and Bugs Squashed

We’ve spent a great deal of time smoothing out lots of smaller aspects of the system including, squashing lots of bugs and making some cool tweaks to make the interface better all round.

There is more to come over the next few weeks and we want to make sure you’ve had your say. So get onto the forums, get into game and start sending your feedback on the New Interface System Open Beta.

Log into the NIS Beta right here.

See you in game!

The RuneScape Team

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