The Ranch Out of Time: Farming and Herblore 120

The Ranch Out of Time: Farming and Herblore 120

Another cart-full of RuneFest news has arrived - so grab your spades and empty your vials, it's time to find out what's happening down on the farm...

The Ranch Out of Time

Remember when gigantic beasts roamed the plains? When brave farmers risked life and limb to harvest a few dribbles of beak snot and a couple of cactus seeds? Potterington Farms remembers.

The Player Owned Farm is expanding into some choice new real estate on the lush island of Anachronia. You'll work alongside Great Granny Potterington to terraform (or should that be pterraform?!) the land into five new paddocks, each one suitable for a host of prehistoric beasties. Novice dino-farmers will be happy to hear that you'll be starting out with two of the more docile creatures that Anachronia has to offer: salamanders and frogs. From there, you'll move on to the medium paddock where you'll raise jadinkos and ripper dinosaurs. Finally, the large paddocks are home to all your favourite giant death lizards: apoterrasaurs, quads, and rexes galore! And of course, there's a specially reinforced breeding pen.

But dinosaur-raising - or aggroculture, if you will - requires more skill and determination than your garden-variety sheep pen. With that in mind, The Ranch Out of Time will expand the Farming skill all the way up to 120!

Farming 120

Dinosaurs aren't the only thing you'll be raising on your path to max Farming. You'll also be able to grow 11 new kinds of produce, including dragonfruit, avocado, stinkshrooms, and guarana. At 119 Farming, you'll unlock the most elusive plant of all: the Money Tree.

Meanwhile, back at Manor Farm, word of your skills has reached a group of noob farmers who need your help to supply them with the produce they'll need to get their own farms started. The more requests you fulfil, the greater your reputation will grow!

Manor Farm has also invested in some cutting-edge technology to help you in your farming endeavours: the creatively-named Remote Farming Machine. This marvellous invention will allow you to view and manage your farming patches from afar.

But what will you do with all this agricultural bounty? Well, here's one suggestion...

Herblore 120

Yes, that's right - the level cap for Herblore will also be raised to 120, and you'll be spending those 21 levels mixing up all manner of magical concoctions. Using the primal extract found in Anachronian plantlife, you can create more powerful potions than ever before (poison+++, anyone?), and even mix potions together to combine their effects. Prayer/Summoning combo potions, charming potions, and elder overloads are just some of the amazing new recipes you'll be able to brew up.

You'll also have the opportunity to craft bombs: potions that, when thrown, apply an effect to anyone caught within the landing zone. Freeze bombs, poison bombs, vulnerability bombs... the possibilities are endless!

Want to know more about Farming and Herblore 120? Watch the full keynote later on today when its uploaded!

The RuneScape Team

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