The Trading Post

The Trading Post
The Trading Post

After over 6 months in the pipeline the trading post is finally here! Grab your 36 pure essence and your stack of dragon boots, it is time to get trading...


The Trading Post

Trading posts can be found in a majority of banks throughout the game. They allow you to advertise items that you wish to sell across all worlds to other players. You can then arrange a trade with someone that wishes to buy your items, or someone that you wish to buy items from, and access items that you are selling in the trading post from within the trade screen.

Using the trading post

Getting to grips with using the trading post is very easy. The video below runs through the features of the trading post so you can make the most of it from the second you log in.

Trading post expansions

Back in poll 20, we offered this bare-bones trading post with several optional features. In particular, we offered to let you trade directly through the trading post without having to meet up, and we offered to let your offers remain on the post while you're offline. Neither of these options passed, so we've delivered the trading post without them.

Now it's here, we'll presently be polling additional features as expansions to it. We'd be happy to offer big changes, such as expanding it into a fully-featured Grand Exchange like RS3 has, if it looks like there's enough support for that. Alternatively we could offer more conservative changes, such as letting players send Trade requests through the post so you could use the old-school trade screens without having to meet up. We're sure you've got design ideas of your own too, and we'd love to hear them.

Trading post expansions will be polled in the New Year; due to the scale of work involved in any trading system, we wouldn't have been able to release any major changes before the Christmas holiday.

Apart from bigger design changes, we're expecting to expand the range of item sets that the trading post can package up.

In other news...

    November has passed and the Well of Goodwill has now disappeared.
    The unusual chickens filling the streets of Gielinor have now been removed.
    A number of items have had their names appended to avoid clashes in the trading post.
    The poll booths in Seers Village and in Ardougne south bank have been returned.

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