The ZMI Altar

A forgotten and weakened altar has been unearthed north of the Observatory. With the ability to produce any type of rune, the altar holds undeniable power, but its discovery would be so much sweeter if the Zamorakian Magical Institute (ZMI) hadn't got there first.

The ZMI unearthed the Ourania Rune Altar near Scorpius's grave, but their attempts to repair it have gone a wee bit awry. Regardless of the altar's weakened state, the ZMI are guarding it fiercely to prevent any rival mages from stealing their source of runes.

This mysterious altar also seems to raise Runecrafting levels at exceptional rates - but at what cost? There seems to be something a mite unreliable about the runes the altar produces. They are all so very...random.

Whispers from the Zamorakians imply that more experienced runecrafters will receive better rewards from this chaotic altar, but there can be no predicting what it will produce next.

Will you dare risk the Zamorakian's wrath by runecrafting at the ZMI altar?


Where to start using the ZMI Altar:

North of the Observatory, by Scorpius's grave.

Requirements to use the ZMI Altar:


Requirements to use the lunar teleport to the ZMI Altar:

Lunar Diplomacy quest.
Level 71 Magic

In other news...

Players entering the TzHaar city will no longer receive minor injuries when holding Karamja rum.

It is now impossible to set-up deadfall traps if a player doesn't have the required level. Previously, a player could set up a deadfall trap without the required levels, but were unable to bait it to attract kebbits.

We've fixed several NPC chat-heads that weren't working. These NPCs should now appear a bit more social and lively when you're chatting to them!

Players can no longer resume where they left off in the knight waves event, after the King's Ransom quest. If a player had teleported away part-way through a fight, the player could then come back and continue the challenge instead of restarting this fun event.