Themed Worlds

We've just added a new column to the World Select screen to help you find a world for your favourite activities. We know that it's often more fun to do things as part of a group, so we've added this list to help like-minded people find each other.

To make the list we quite simply looked at the worlds that you already use! If you regularly go air running or play Trouble Brewing, you'll already know which worlds you go to, but now anyone else who wants to do the same will be able to join in the fun. Of course, we'll be checking frequently to see if any worlds get full regularly and updating the list when necessary.

Having said all this, you don't have to do the named activity on these worlds - no one should have to do anything just because of the world they're on. The list is simply a guideline for people looking for a specific activity. You can also still do any of these on any world, but if you want the largest games or more company you might want to check out one of the suggested worlds.

We haven't assigned an activity for Worlds 1 and 2 because they already get enough traffic from being at the top of the list. Anyone looking for a busy world won't have any difficulty spotting them.

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