This Week In RuneScape - 28/09/20

This Week In RuneScape - 28/09/20

Following a packed few weeks (including a brand new D&D, the Penguins Hide and Seek update, the Ninja’s Lunar Spellbook Strike and the Kerapac Track) it's time for the gentler caress of a Patch Notes week. We've also got an opportunity for you to get involved in our One Special Day initiative with SpecialEffect. Oh, and lest we forget – we’ve opened the valve of a HUGE announcement!

Don't forget to replay the Effigy Incubator when the monthly reset ticks over this Thursday!

This week’s exciting news isn’t just a load of hot air – we’re launching on Steam! Now that you’re all fired up, we’ve also got news about how you can support our friends at Special Effect, a Merch Store update, and an important reminder about the Archaeology XP Embargo. Let’s take a look!

RuneScape on Steam!

We’re going full Steam ahead this season as RuneScape makes its long-awaited debut on PC’s biggest gaming storefront!

From October 14th you’ll be able to play RuneScape on Steam. We’re pretty chuffed about this, because it means that thousands of new PC players will be introduced to the game for the first time – we hope you’re ready to make some new friends!

We know that bringing RuneScape to more platforms means that we’ll have to modernize, both in terms of scaling our operations and improving accessibility. Be prepared for lots of exciting changes in the coming year – starting with improvements to the early game experience.

If you missed Mod Warden’s announcement, be sure to give it a read. It’s full of juicy details about our Steam launch and our upcoming plans.

Don’t forget to show your support for RuneScape by wishlisting it! You can do so right here on our fancy new Steam page.

Archaeology XP Embargo

Time really does fly when you’re having fun! It’s been six months since the release of Archaeology, and you know what that means – the XP Embargo is close to lifting!

Put simply, from the newly revised date of October 19th, you’ll be able to use Bonus XP, XP Lamps, Auras, and all other XP-boosting buffs and items to gain Archaeology XP. Don't worry though, the boost from the Kerapac Track will still be live from the 30th of September, alongside all the achievements.

It’s great timing actually, because you might find that those extra Archaeology levels will come in handy soon…

One Special Day

Our friends at SpecialEffect have had another fantastic year helping gamers all over the world to fully experience the games they love – and they couldn’t have done it without the support communities like you have given them.

This year’s One Special Day event will take place this Friday, October 2nd. Hop into Solomon’s General Store to grab your free Courier Outfit and Courier Cape. For the first time ever, these rewards are colour-customisable, so you can mix and match them to suit your fashionscape needs.

While you’re there, bear in mind that all proceeds from Solomon’s Store on the 2nd and 3rd of October will be donated to SpecialEffect. It’s a great excuse to grab yourself some swag!

Kerapac Track

How’s it going, Yak Trackers? We hope you’re making your way towards some of the amazing dragonkin-themed rewards on the Kerapac Track – like the adorable Commander Scampers, or the fashionably rugged Thok’s Hand-me-downs set.

Don’t forget, this is the first Yak Track to feature Lore Tasks, which will have you trekking across Gielinor to have a chat with all your favourite characters from the Elder Gods storyline. Who knows what tales you might come back with?

The Kerapac Track ends on November 2nd, so if you want to reach Tier 50 and take home the grandest prizes of all, you’ll need to get cracking! And if you’re already on your way to victory, why not indulge in the Premier Pass? Purchasable for just 2 Bonds, you’ll unlock all the premium rewards you would have earned so far.

Prime Gaming

We’ve teamed up with our old friends at Prime Gaming – formerly known as Twitch Prime – to offer you shedloads of gaming goodies to keep you occupied over the long winter months.

This month’s offer is 7 days of RuneScape membership. Find out how to claim it on our handy-dandy FAQ page.

Merch Store Update

Calling all skillers! The Official Merch Store has just released a new line of Angels Scapes Skillcape keyrings.

First up, Hitpoint Skillcape keyrings, available in Trimmed and Untrimmed versions.

And if you’re more of a fighter than a lover, tell the whole world (or at least your house keys) with the Trimmed Attack Skillcape keyring.

Golden Gnome Awards

There’s still time to vote for your favourite video makers, artists and streamers in the Golden Gnomes Awards!

Casting your vote is super easy – just head to this page and fill out the form.

May the best ‘scapers win!

Research Emails

Last week, we sent a batch of emails to RuneScape and Old School players asking for their thoughts on a variety of different topics in the games. If you didn't get one, don't worry - we'll be sending more out this week, so check your inboxes for emails from a company called Critical Research ( Each survey should take just 15 minutes to complete, but doing so will really help us to improve the games you love.

This week's Patch Notes include fixes for the Lunar Spellbook and Effigy Incubator, along with lots of other improvements throughout the game!

Lunar Spellbook


  • The Telekinetic Grind spell will now grind Wyvern Bones.
  • Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Telekinetic Grind would sometimes award the incorrect amount of token XP for the secondary skill.

  • Effigy Incubator


  • Ironmen will now gain Bonus XP from Effigy Incubator reward stars rather than Direct XP.
  • Updated examine text for Effigy Incubator effigies to distinguish between those that give lamps and those that give stars.
  • The Brooch of the Gods will now pull started effigies from your Bank when you have effigies of the same type in your Brooch or Backpack.
  • Added a warning when teleporting out of an active Effigy Incubator session.
  • Enhanced materials, effigy casings & unincubated effigies will now be traded to Vicendithas when leaving the area instead of being removed from players' Backpacks.
  • A short delay has been added to the Sins of the Father miniquest to prevent players from clicking out of a dialogue box.

  • Penguin Hide & Seek


  • The ‘From Ardougne with Love’ and ‘Penguin Adoption Agency’ Achievements will now appear in the relevant Completionist Cape dropdowns in the Achievements interface.

  • Kerapac Track


  • An issue causing some players’ clients to crash upon opening the Kerapac Track interface should now be fixed.

  • Others


  • When clicking on main menu buttons the context menu option will now be ‘Close’ instead of ‘Open’.
  • Players are now able to make molten glass while using the Dorgesh-Kaan furnace.
  • The ‘But Wait, There's More!’ Achievement in the ‘Way of the Warrior’ Achievement Path now accounts for players who don't have a melee weapon equipped in Turael's Ability Bar lesson.
  • Players are now able to reclaim the 'Shadow Gem Virtus' items from Diango.
  • The game now checks that your character is wearing the Crystal Armor set before applying Harmonious Resonance.
  • Familiar overrides are now reapplied when the player leaves the Duel Arena.
  • God Statue Fanatics can now be defeated by reflecting damage using Ring of Recoil.
  • Fixes

  • Desert Pantheon buffs are now correctly persisting through game sessions.
  • Corrected the description of Zanik's Crossbow's Special Attack - it no longer states (incorrectly) that the damage is increased while attacking enemies with an affinity to the gods.
  • Safe-cracking in Menaphos now correctly rewards the player with Reputation.
  • Fixed an issue where Treasure Trail Collection Log progress was displayed on two lines rather than a single line.
  • When player is wearing the 'Sign of Item Protection' the 'If you die in the Wilderness...' window now displays the correct number of protected items.
  • Fixed numerous visual issues with the Disassembly window for Tier 92 armours.
  • Dismissing the Vinny and Blightbound Lasher pets will now play the correct animation.
  • An issue with the ‘Unlocking Your Emotions’ Achievement that blocked players from claiming the Medium Varrock Area Task reward has been fixed.
  • Lord Cadarn’s ‘More…’ dialogue option has been replaced with the more direct ‘Ask about the Task System’ option and has been shuffled above the ‘Ask about something else…’ topic.
  • Fixed an issue with players getting stuck between trees in Burthorpe – don’t worry, we haven’t pulled a Mod Timbo!

  • Hotfixes

  • Lunar Spells: Sifting soil with a Screening Station will no longer cause messages claiming you don’t have enough runes.
  • Kerapac Track: Players should now be able to pin the final Yak Track task to the Activity Tracker.
  • Kerapac Track: Players should now be able to pin activities such as Achievements and skill targets to the Activity Tracker.
  • Welcome to a lore-some edition of the Community Tab! Along with our usual Q&A, you can watch along with some fantastic lore analysis in the Creative Corner. Off we go!


    J-Mod Streams

    Tuesday September 29th | 16:00 Game Time | J-Mod Q&A

    You know what to do! Ask your burning questions about RuneScape, the universe, and everything, and let the J-Mods dispense their infinite knowledge, right from the comfort of the virtual sofas.

    Head to this Reddit thread, or on the official Discord server to submit questions.

    Wednesday September 30th | 16:00 Game Time | Kerapac Track and Chill!

    It is Wednesday, my dudes, and we’re chilling out with Mod Hooli and the Kerapac Track! Come along, complete some tasks, and have a chat.

    Featured Streamer

    Our featured streamer this week is Dakota, who’ll be coming to you live tonight, September 28th, at 22:00 Game Time (6PM EST). He’ll be bossing with friends and selected viewers, embarking on an epic pet hunt and opening a minimum of 500 Hard Clue Caskets.

    There’ll also be either a classic boss mass or one of the chat’s choice, so tune in early to have your say!

    You can check out the stream here.

    Creative Corner

    Ariane's Tale: Audio Narration

    If you like Jaxyys’ Story Mode series, you’ll love this! In this video, Jaxyys takes on ‘The Burning Tower’, a little known bit of lore that focuses on the events prior to Rune Mysteries from Ariane’s perspective. Enjoy!

    RS3 Adventures: The Tower of Life

    In keeping with the lore theme, we’d also like to highlight this narrated run-through of the Tower of Life quest by The Rave Element. Kick back, relax, and journey back to one of RuneScape’s most beloved adventures. Don’t forget your Builders’ Outfit!

    Community Corner

    Featured Forum Thread

    Last week we highlighted the super-exclusive Clan Leader hangout thread, and this time around we’d like to do something similar!

    In the Clan Recruitment thread, you can see thousands of RuneScape clans just itching for fresh faces to help with Elite Dungeons, bossing and just about any interest you can name. Clans are a great place to make new friends and get help with the game, so if you’re new here (or returning after some time away), get browsing!

    Pink Skirts Event

    This week’s Pink Skirts event is a Skill 'n' Chill session, hosted by MadClickr, Nanner and the Lil Tuzzies Clan. To get in on all the action, join them at Burthorpe Bank on World 85 at 23:00 Game Time tonight, September 28th. Don't forget your effigies!

    For more information, add Lil Tuzzies to your Friends’ Chat, or check out the Pink Skirts’ page here.

    - The RuneScape Team

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