This Week In RuneScape: Double XP LIVE & Improved Divination Training

This Week In RuneScape: Double XP LIVE & Improved Divination Training

May the Fourth be with you this week as you channel your immense psychic powers towards a new and improved Divination skill! Plus, we've doubled this month's Double XP LIVE event and there's some shiny new stock in the merch store. We've got a good feeling about this...

Improved Divination

The Improved Divination update we spoke about last week goes live with today's update! For those of you who missed the post, here's a quick rundown:

Wisp Wander Range

Currently, wisps zip about all over the place, meaning you have to be on the ball to catch them and bring your hard-won resources back to the energy rift. Following this update, they'll only wander up to five tiles away from the rift, which should make this particular aspect of training the skill a bit more AFK-able.

Spring Duration

Now that you've got hold of those cheeky wisps, you'll be pleased to know that we've also increased the duration of springs to a cosy 60 seconds. Also, each additional player who interacts with the spring will increase the duration by a flat 15 seconds, up to a maximum of 75 extra seconds. It's like a water cooler chat, but all fancy and mystical.

Critical Chance While Gathering

While gathering Memories you'll now have the chance to score an Enriched Memory - and what's more, this chance can go over 100%! At 150%, for example, you'll get one Enriched Memory and a 50% chance to nab another. Not bad!

Memory Overflow

Memory Overflow is another opportunity to get some social time in while you skill. It's a brand-new buff that triggers when you and a few other players contribute Chronicle Fragments to a regular energy rift until it overloads, at which point you'll gain the following effects:

      • +1 base energy from deposited Memories
      • 5% more XP from deposited Memories
      • 10% higher critical chance when siphoning from nearby springs
      • Spawns an Enriched Wisp which boosts your crit rating by 100%
          • This mechanic replaces Enriched Wisps spawning every 20 minutes

Chronicle Fragments

Chronicle Fragments have taken a page from the Fire Spirits' book and will now spawn next to you and remain immobile. If you're paying attention and grab the Chronicle Fragment within six seconds, you'll get an Enriched Chronicle worth a little bit more XP - and a lot more progress towards Overloaded Energy Rifts.

Sign of the Porter VII

Sign of the Porter VI, previously the highest level there was, has been shuffled down to a 94 Divination requirement, and now requires 80 Luminous Energy to craft. Why, you ask? To make room for Sign of the Porter VII, a new level 99 sign that holds 50 charges and requires 120 Incandescent Energy to craft.


We've added a bunch of new transmutation tiers for both fish and ores, but don't take our word for it, have a look for yourself:


      • Raw Sharks = Lustrous Energy + Raw Monkfish
      • Raw Sea Turtle = Brilliant Energy + Raw Shark
      • Raw Cavefish = Radiant Energy + Raw Seaturtle
      • Raw Mantaray = Luminous Energy + Raw Cavefish
      • Raw Rocktails = Incandescent Energy + Raw Mantaray


      • Luminite Ore = Sparkling Energy + Mithril Ore
      • Orichalcite Ore = Vibrant Energy + Runite Ore
      • Drakolith Ore = Vibrant Energy + Runite Ore
      • Necrite Ore = Lustrous Energy + Orichalcite Ore
      • Phasmatite Ore = Lustrous Energy + Drakolith Ore
      • Bane Ore = Radiant Energy + Necrite/Phasmatite Ore
      • Light Animica = Incandescent Energy + Bane Ore
      • Dark Animica = Incandescent Energy + Bane Ore

Other Item Changes

Having changed the skill to this extent, there are a number of other items and rewards that have been rebalanced to fit snugly into the new meta. Lucky for you, we've got a big list of those changes right here:

      • Divination Skill Cape: Boosts a spring's minimum duration by 30 seconds, one time per spring. This effect does not stack with that of Ethereal Connection.
      • Ethereal Connection: Boosts a spring's minimum duration by 30 seconds, one time per spring. This effect does not stack with that of the Divination Skill Cape.
      • Fading Memory: Retains all current effects bar the duration increase. Instead, Fading Memory now provides 20% Crit Chance.
      • Elite Divination Outfit: 5% chance of granting a 100% crit chance.
      • Elder Divination Outfit: 7% chance of granting a 100% crit chance.
      • Prism of Dowsing: Grants 5% crit chance when nearby.
      • Chronicle Absorption: Instead of absorbing the Chronicle Fragment, the prayer now automatically picks up the Chronicle and provides an Enriched Chronicle.
      • Spirit Attraction Potion: As above!
      • Abyssal Transit: Chronicles can now always be offered from Inventory, but the Abyssal Transit doubles the progress towards Overloaded Energy Rifts when dropping off Chronicle Fragments.

Raring to get going with Divination? Then you're in luck, because this week's update also kicks of an extra-special Double XP LIVE!

Double XP LIVE

Double XP LIVE is back, and this time it's... doubled! To help make things right after the Login Lockout situation we're extending this month's Double XP LIVE event by 10 whole days.

So, from now until May 24th, you've got 48 hours of Double XP time to spend however you wish! Whether you want to dip your toes into Divination right away, or take a little time to plan out your skilling adventures - it's all up to you.

For more information, check out our Double XP guide.

Merch Store

New in stock this month, we've got even more 20th Anniversary merch! You might have spotted these in the care packages we sent out to our content creators earlier this year, but now everyone has the chance to get their hands on these celebratory goodies.

First up is this extremely stylish black and gold Map of Gielinor print. It's just the thing to brighten up your home office - and even if you don't have one of those, it's also big enough to cover up that weird stain on the wall. You know the one.

If you prefer to wear your heart and/or your favourite game on your sleeve, you'll want to pick up the Commemorative Black and Gold Map of Gielinor Tee, which comes with a 20th Anniversary Logo in the neck.

But enough about us - RuneScape's anniversary isn't the only milestone we're celebrating this time around! Angels Scapes has now designed an incredible 200 pins and keyrings for the official merch store, and to celebrate, she's gone and designed a few more! Check the store now to grab the following:

  • Angels Fire Cape (200th Design Limited Edition)
  • Void Seal Pin
  • Dungeoneering Master Cape Keyring
  • Thieving Skill Cape Keyring

Speaking of Skill Capes, we've restocked three of our most popular Skill Cape Keyrings: Agility, Ranged and Firemaking, as well as the Blood and Ice Barrage Pins.

See all this and more, over at the official Merch store.



  • Fixed a visual issue with a chimney in Yeti Town.
  • A tree in the Wilderness is no longer floating and now blocks player characters properly.
  • Flattened some uneven ground in the Werewolf Agility course.
  • A rare 'double-tree' by the Tree of Balance has been de-doubled. Sorry.
  • Fixed minor wall issues with some buildings in Varrock that were causing certain elements to appear detached from the wall.
  • The windows in the Varrock Museum are now all aligned.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the well in Lumbridge Swamp.
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue with the model of the Lorehound pet.



  • Using the 'Fill' and 'Inspect' options on an Ore Box will no longer interrupt actions.
  • Time Sprites will no longer disappear when inside Bandos' Sanctum.



  • Deployed a new style for the top level of the mobile beta:
      • There are new assets for top level icons that match the style used in the desktop client.
      • Buttons that open new screens or overlays and buttons that toggle something on the top level are now distinguished by a disc under the icon.
      • Icons in the top left are now arranged horizontally.
      • The minimap has been moved to the bottom right, which makes interacting with the surrounding buttons easier when the device is held landscape.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the mobile store to appear off-centre if opened via Treasure Hunter.



  • Bank Pins are now required to open the Oddments Store.
  • The Monkey Archer is now unable to move beyond its platform.
  • You must now use the Enter key to confirm changes to any values on a Grand Exchange offer.


  • Various hats, including the Duellist's Cap, will now display correctly when worn with 'The Risen' walk animation override.
  • The range check for the Bash ability now uses the right hand.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Clan Chat lobby to present a logout modal when typing.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Undead Trolls from dropping loot, which resulted in a script error.
  • It is now possible to activate a new Skilling Urn when no other Urn of the same type is in use.
  • Teleporting to the Bandit Camp Lodestone no longer shows a config name for your previous destination.
  • The game world is now responsive while the escape menu is open.
  • Salty players retain their salty title between sessions.
  • A chat message will appear whenever a player is unable to transmogrify.
  • Players will no longer be able to transmogrify while playing the Heist minigame or while actively hunting during the Big Game Hunter activity, sitting on the Completionist Throne, or taking part in PvP duels.
  • The Hot Sand Walk Animation no longer frees your Undead Chicken from its sack.
  • The graphical flickering in the Seers' Village Smithing Workshop no longer occurs.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the animation on the Musa Point grapple shortcut.
  • Items no longer float when dropped in between the second and third forge on the north of the Artisans' Workshop.
  • You can no longer walk on lava near the ZMI Altar.
  • Exiting the keyboard input UI at the Grand Exchange no longer causes keybinds to stop functioning.
  • Corrected an issue where Crispy the Cabbage from Gower Quest could fail to return to the Gower farm if destroyed from your Bank.
  • Selecting 'Cancel' while selecting a skill in the Effigy Star interface no longer causes a logout.
  • Enhanced Excalibur will now continue healing after teleporting.
  • The Lumbridge Sage will now take the hint and end the conversation if you say "I'm fine for now thanks."



  • New players will no longer receive log in messages about automatic daily challenge extensions while in tutorials.
  • Escaping Bork early with a free play will no longer cost the daily play as well.
  • Both Ironmen and regular players will now be able to interact with their allotted number of Evil Trees each day.

J-Mod Livestreams

Tuesday May 4th | 16:00 Game Time | DXP Divination Skill & Chill

Join Mod Hooli and Mod Spear as they take the new and improved Divination skill for a spin!

Catch all of our livestreams over on our Twitch channel.

Creative Corner

A History of RuneScape - The Fan Made Trilogy

Get the lowdown on RuneScape's illustrious history and contribute to three great causes by purchasing A History of RuneScape from the appropriately-named RS History July!

These three PDFs cover everything you could possibly want to know about our community's history, from the game's first iteration back in 2001 to the present day, and are available for just ú4.99. Plus, a portion of each sale will be split between our three partner charities - CPSL Mind, RAD, and Blueprint For All.

Book One covers RuneScape's earliest days, including the RS1 Era, the creation of the world of Gielinor, and the evolution of the PvM community.

Book Two covers the rich history of the PvP community as well as the development of non-combat skills, the growing number of skilling groups, and the most popular non-combat moneymaking methods.

Book Three includes a Hall of Fame featuring RuneScape's most memorable players and a detailed timeline. It also covers the development of all your favourite quests, the ongoing battle between J-Mods and bots, and a handy glossary filled with every RuneScapey term you could ever need.

You can get your copies at RS History July's site!

Awesome Art

We see that Elej is going straight for the traumatic memories this week with their poster for One Small Favour! They've really captured the frustration of speaking to yet another person who just wants... one small favour.

See more of Elej's work on Twitter!

Community Corner

Pink Skirts Event

The Pink Skirts, led by Pippyspot and Boss Guild, are taking on the Kalphite King! Join the battle this Thursday, May 6th at the Exiled Kalphite Lair on World 88 from 22:00 to 23:59 Game Time.

For more information, add Boss Guild to your Friends' Chat, or check out the Pink Skirts page!

Scaper's Screenshots

This week's screenshots came from the FashionScapers Community! Join them here:

By Judge

By Zoo

By Xanthrax

Community Shout-Out

This week our shout-out goes to the TH Trading Discord Community, the best place to fill in the gaps in your Elite Skilling Outfit collections.

To join, click this link!

- The RuneScape Team

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