This Week In RuneScape: Mental Health Awareness Week

This Week In RuneScape: Mental Health Awareness Week

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, which means it's your chance to grab some goodies and support our partner charities! In other news, it's time to check in on the Player Avatar Refresh, and Stutorials is back! Check the Community Tab for more info.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is here! At this time of year we encourage you all to take a deep breath and think about how you can improve your mental health. We also like to do a little something for two of our three partner charities, who focus on helping people from all walks of life deal with mental health issues.

This year, you can contribute to their amazing work with the Meditation Bundle. You can purchase this special pack from the Event Tab of the Community interface for 1 Bond or 250 RuneCoins.

It's filled with helpful goodies, including the Stone of Meditation, a reusable item that provides a useful 4% XP boost for you and a 2% XP boost for surrounding players! It can hold up to five charges, and you'll get two charges per day.

The Stone of Meditation is only available for non-Ironman accounts. On June 14th the Stone will be cleaned up and non-Ironman players will receive 2,500 Oddments in return for looking after it.

Here's everything you'll get in the Meditation Bundle:

  • Banner of Meditation
  • Cloak of Meditation
  • Stone of Meditation (Until June 14th)*
  • 10 Advanced Pulse Cores*
  • 5 Cinder Cores*
  • 5 Large Protean Packs*
  • 5 Portable Packs*

*Not available on Ironman accounts

Proceeds from the sale of the Meditation Bundle will support two of our charity partners who focus specifically on mental health: CPSL Mind and RAD.

You'll get the chance to donate to our third charity partner, Blueprint for All, later in the year.


CPSL Mind provides support to individuals experiencing mental health problems in the Cambridge and Peterborough area, where Jagex is based. Their STOP Suicide campaign aims to prevent suicide by raising awareness and giving ordinary members of the public the skills and confidence they need to help those at risk.


Rise Above the Disorder (RAD) began as one gamer's mission to overcome depression and has turned into a massive worldwide community aiming to make mental health care available to everyone, everywhere. RAD provides entirely free mental health services to gamers through its grant program and has helped over 28,000 people find the hope and happiness they deserve.

Vic the Trader Is Back!

As promised, Vic the Trader has returned! You can find him in Burthorpe, right next to the Yak Track Hub, for all your Bonus XP trading needs.

Trade your Bonus XP with Vic to get Credits which you can spend on XP lamps, skilling outfits and other exciting stuff - but act fast, because he'll be off on his travels as of May 23rd.

Mobile Minimum Requirements Update

As part of our work to offer a top-drawer experience when we launch on Mobile this Summer, we've been undergoing a huge review of devices that are part of the Beta and the performance experience they offer. While we have plenty of continued improvements and refinements coming for Mobile, we have identified a number of devices that simply won't hit the quality bar we need due to hardware limitations.

Based on these reviews, beginning later today we'll be updating our minimum requirements on Android to require Android 8.0 or higher, as well as 2GB of RAM.

While this won't impact the vast majority of players in the Android Open Beta, those with devices that don't meet these requirements will unfortunately no longer be able to play once this change comes into effect later today.

If you are one of these players, we are really grateful for the time you spent playing in our Android Open Beta. While we can imagine this news comes as a big disappointment, your participation was a critical part in helping us deliver a great experience on Mobile this summer. Thank you so much for your participation, and we hope you'll be able to join us again on Mobile in the future.

Divination Training


  • Adamantite Ore will now be consumed when transmuting it to Runite Ore.
  • The Memory Overflow buff will no longer be briefly applied upon log in.
  • The Memory Overflow buff will no longer close interfaces while active.

Weapons & Tools


  • The cost of recharging Crystal Hammers has been reduced.


  • Crystal and Dragon Axe special attacks now deal the expected amount of damage.
  • The notification for charges remaining on the Crystal Hammer will now trigger at the correct time.
  • Mining animations now display correctly when using the Promethium Pickaxe override with the Pickaxe of Earth and Song.



  • You are now able to choose any extra Action Bar from the list and have the change saved on mobile devices.
  • Proximity entity highlighting will now work after closing RuneScape Mobile and then logging back into the game.
  • Mobile players can no longer open the shop when in combat.



  • Increased the clickzone of the blood, ice, shadow and smoke pillars in the Nex: Angel of Death encounter.
  • Implemented a new debuff icon called 'Frozen' which will inform the player that they are unable to move.
  • Recategorised some Agility shortcuts as shortcuts instead of area unlocks in the Skill Guide.
  • Added a missing entry to the Agility Skill Guide.


  • Clicking 'Meta Achievements' will now direct you to the correct tab whether you have the 'Show Completed' option disabled or not.
  • The Dirty Laundry item can no longer be equipped in the main hand.
  • The Trollheim Agility shortcut is now only available to those with Agility level 64 or higher.
  • Turael no longer has empty dialog lines.
  • The Spectator interface at the Burthorpe Games Room is now properly updated each turn.
  • The Manual Auto-cyclers in the Empty Throne Room at the Senntisten Dig Site will now move correctly. No wonder they weren't going anywhere!
  • Players can no longer bypass the Easy Clue Scroll cap by pickpocketing H.A.M. members.
  • Lantadyme Seeds will now go into the Bank instead of the Backpack when choosing the option 'Bank all' in the Crystal Chest interface in Taverley.
  • The Borrowed Power spell can now be cast properly, and its cost is now consistent.
  • The Underwater Disguise Kit animation will no longer be present outside of Tutorial Island.
  • It is no longer possible to equip the Charmed Sack in the main hand slot.
  • Using the 'Kills left' option on the Ring of Slaying will no longer cause log outs under certain circumstances.
  • Kennith will now appear in Daemonheim after performing a Defence skill reset.
  • Attempting to build a staircase from a higher floor of the Player Owned House will no longer cause players to disconnect under certain circumstances.
  • The Inquisitor Staff (broken) can no longer be keepsaked.

J-Mod Livestreams

Tuesday May 11th | 16:00 Game Time | Player Avatar Refresh

The ever-enthusiastic Mod Iroh and Mod Stead are back to show off more of their work on the Player Avatar Refresh.

You can catch all of our streams over on our Twitch channel, here.

Creative Corner


This week on RuneTube we're tuning in to GossipCurl, who you may remember from her panel-style Meet The Streamer event over on Twitch. Well, the videos have been uploaded, and you can watch each segment over on her channel, here.

Take a look - you might even catch a cameo from our very own Mod Bolton, who talks about influencer management for RuneScape.

Awesome Art

We love this dramatic illustration of Commander Zilyana from art superstar Scalywinged. Click here to see progress updates!

Scaper's Screenshots

This week's screenshots came from our Steam Community! Join them here:

By SoulSpoon

By faeries

By Zomer

Community Corner

Pink Skirts Event

This week the Pink Skirts are Stealing Creation with Lady Spyra, Alaz and Fast SC. Join in the fun this Sunday, May 16th from 21:00 - 22:00 Game Time at the Stealing Creation Lobby on World 99.

For more information and a full list of all this week's Pink Skirts events, check out their page!

Community Shout-Out

Instagram meets RuneScape in the fabulous InstaScape Discord! Feast your eyes on beautiful screenshots from all over Gielinor and pick up some top tips to improve your own in-game photography.

To join, simply click this link.

- The RuneScape Team

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