This Week In RuneScape: Ninja Strike 23

This Week In RuneScape: Ninja Strike 23

Hello, and welcome to another instalment of This Week In RuneScape! Today we'll - hey, wait, did you see that? There it is again! This can mean only one thing: the Ninja Team are back with another Strike! Let's try and catch up with them...

Ninja Strike 23: Scattershot

We managed to pin down the Ninjas to talk about their latest Ninja Strike - a Scattershot update that aims to make all kinds of improvements across the game.

First up, we have a much-requested new feature: Legendary Pet overrides! You can now change the visual appearance of your Legendary Pets to any companion, boss, or skilling pet you have unlocked. To do so, head to the Pets interface, where you'll find a new checkbox to enable this option.

Next, the Ninjas followed in Mod Iago and Mod Ramen's footsteps and headed to the Lost Grove, where they've been busy gathering up Grimoire Pages and adding them to the loot tables of the Slayer creatures. Speaking of loot tables, they've also rebalanced Solak's drops and made them a little bit more rewarding.

But that's not all! Check the Patch Notes to see everything the Ninjas have been up to.

Mobile Interface Changes

We've made some tweaks to the appearance of the Home Screen on mobile. Basically, we've switched up the layout to make certain things more visible, including your player name, currencies, and the number of the world you're on.

We've also removed the 'Store' button on the HUD.

Rest assured, we're paying close attention to all your feedback, and our mobile teams are working on more improvements as we speak. Keep those ears to the ground!

Ninja Strike 23

Legendary & Object Pets

  • The appearance of Legendary Pets can now be overridden with companion, boss, and skilling pets.
    • This option is accessed via a new checkbox on the Pets interface.
    • Overridden pets will behave almost exactly as usual but won't be able to fight other Legendary Pets.
  • The Chameleon has been converted from an object to a pet in the Customisation interface.
  • If you've lost a Chameleon, you can reclaim it by speaking to any pet shop owner (in the game, of course) and asking them about strays.
  • The Chameleon recolour interface has been updated.
    • The chosen colour will now persist when re-summoning the pet across game sessions.
  • Both baby and adult Chameleons can now be added to the Player Owned House Menagerie.
  • You will no longer receive Chameleon Eggs after obtaining the Chameleon pet.
  • Raccoons have been converted from object pets to pets in the Customisation interface.
  • If you have misplaced your Raccoon, speak to a pet shop owner to select one in the colour of your choice.
  • Baby Raccoons can now be added to the Player Owned House Menagerie.
  • You will still be able to catch Raccoons in Box Traps (you monster), but this will not unlock additional pets.

Solak & The Lost Grove

  • Torn Grimoire Pages have been added to the loot table of Lost Grove Slayer creatures.
    • The chance to receive pages is increased while on a Slayer Task.
  • Increased the quantities of select Solak drops and adjusted the chance to roll them:
    • The quantity of Banite Stone Spirits has increased from 50-70 to 80-110.
    • The quantity of Light Animica Stone Spirits has increased from 40-50 to 60-90.
    • The chance to drop Banite Stone Spirits has been slightly lowered, and the chance to gain Light Animica Stone Spirits has been raised to fill the gap.
    • Tiny Spiky Rune Salvage has been changed to Medium Bladed Rune Salvage and will be received in quantities of 30-45.
    • Battlestaves have been changed to Mystic Earth Battlestaves and will drop in quantities of 30-50.

General QoL

  • Various improvements to the Enchanted Lyre:
    • The tooltip now displays charges remaining.
    • An option interface is now used to change the quick teleport destination, instead of a dialogue box.
    • Changed various option menu functions:
      • 'Check teleport location & charge' is now 'Check charge'.
      • 'Change teleport location' is now 'Configure'.
      • 'Play' will now ask you where you want to go.
      • 'Quick teleport' will now take you directly to your configured quick teleport location.
  • Various improvements to the Fremennik Sea Boots:
    • The 'Operate' option now uses an option interface instead of a dialogue box.
    • Using the Lyre's teleport from the Boots will now let you choose a destination or use the configured quick teleport destination.
    • The Lyre's quick teleport can now be configured from the Boots' options.
  • All Skill Outfits will now prompt you to destroy all pieces after one piece is destroyed.
  • The Achievement interface will now remember what you were looking at when you close and reopen it.
    • This will not occur when logging out before reopening.


  • Improved ease of interaction with certain interface close buttons by increasing the area of effect
  • Fixed an issue with world pre-loading in the lobby on Mobile
  • Increased the default chat font size on Mobile for new players (existing users unaffected)
  • Device rotation no longer affects chat when in full screen mode
  • Resolved an issue preventing the Loot window from closing when empty on Mobile
  • Fixed an issue where the world reboot timer could not be seen in the lobby on the mobile platform
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Powers main interface that was causing some icons to remain on screen after dismissing the detailed examine of the ability
  • Fixed a bug causing the Yak Track interface to display outside of safe areas
  • Adjusted the position of the Activity Tracker tutorial to account for ‘notches’ on some Mobile devices
  • Improved the menu available during the Mobile Tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that prevented FTP players from logging in after logging out of a Member account
  • Fixed an issue which caused old icons to be displayed on the right-side mobile HUD (emotes, chat list etc). This functionality was updated to sit inside the mobile chat system.
  • Davendale: Reduced the download size of the 2D Intro cinematic
  • Davendale: Improved the animations when repairing the bench
  • Davendale: Fixed some clipping and visual bugs with the environment
  • Davendale: Fixed an issue where the Trolls would not fight back when attacked by the player
  • Davendale: Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with iOS Notification settings

City of Senntisten Ancient Magicks

  • Balancing pass to reduce Exsanguinate Rune Costs
    • 5 Fire Rune cost reduced to 2
    • 3 Blood Runes cost reduced to 1
    • Death Rune cost removed (was 1)
  • Incite Fear and Exsanguinate stacks are no longer lost when transitioning between some boss phases
  • The Animated Dead spell buff is no longer lost when teleporting to some places
  • Fixed an issue causing Wrack and Ruin to deal slightly more damage to stunned targets than the intended amount listed in the tooltip
  • Removed some unintended combat messaging from the spell Incite Fear


  • Fixed an issue where the Steak Your Claim achievement from picking up a cow hide during the Way of the Ranger path did not unlock the Leather Working path.
  • Removed the Taverley path book and moved its Herblore, Summoning and Farming paths into the Burthorpe book for ease of access.
  • Suppressed one of the two achievement popups that occurred when activating the Taverley and Lumbridge lodestones.
  • Fixed a bug that stops the window sills in Falador from flickering.

J-Mod Livestreams

Wednesday June 30th | 16:00 Game Time | City of Senntisten Let's Play

Spoilers abound as the J-Mods explore the shadowy depths of Senntisten in this dramatic Let's Play livestream!

Cracking Creations

Awesome Art

This adorable felt Baroo is the creation of Mod Grandma Abi. Our only complaint is that we can't reach through the screen and give him a gentle pat on the head.

By the way, if you want to see more fabulous creations like this one, check out the RuneScape Art Community Discord server!

Scaper's Screenshots

This week's screenshots are a little different - PureDarkRed, who shared them on our Discord server, has been taking full advantage of our mobile launch to adventure on the go! Where are you playing RuneScape on mobile?

Community Corner

Clan Minigame Tournament

Forget the Olympics - the Rogue Ninja Civilization are launching a series of summer games that could see your clan taking gold! If you've got a cracking Castle Wars strategy, if you have no Trouble Brewing, or if your Great Orb Project skills are greater than most, then this is the event for you!

You can find all the information you need on their Discord. Registration closes on June 30th, so hop to it!

Pink Skirts Event

In this week's Pink Skirts events, you'll be battling the Rex Matriarchs! Meet Pippyspot and Boss Guild at the Rex Matriarch Lair on World 88 this Wednesday, June 30th, from 20:00 - 21:00 Game Time to join the battle - but be sure to come prepared!

Community Shout-Out

It's Pride Month, so this week's shout-out goes to The Rainbow Collective, an awesome clan with an LGBTQ+ focus. Why not swing by and make some new friends?

- The RuneScape Team

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