This Week In RuneScape: Ninja Strike 26 - Souped Up Statues

This week, the Ninjas have struck once more. Their cold steel has glanced blows with many elements of the game, including several friction points regarding the Trimmed Completionist Cape. And you thought assassins couldn't appreciate sculpture! There's plenty more going on besides all that, too, so let's take a look.

Ninja Strike 26: Souped Up Statues
Plus: Grand Exchange buy limit adjustments!

The Ninjas are back, and they've just wrapped up another awesome scattershot strike! This week they've taken aim at statues, pets, and more - and coincidentally, several of their changes will be beneficial for those of you chasing the Trimmed Completionist Cape.

For example, sculpture enthusiasts across Gielinor will be pleased to learn that the weekly limit on the Shattered Heart D&D has been removed, so you'll no longer have to wait a minimum of 30 weeks to grab the 'Stone's Throw Away' achievement. In addition, those of you who prefer adventuring will be thrilled to delve into the Motherlode Maw and retrieve five new Enhancers.

One last big piece of news: a number of items have had their Grand Exchange buy limits adjusted. So many, in fact, that we had to squeeze the list into the Patch Notes! Head there to see all the details, as well as all the other changes the Ninjas have made.

Rainbow's End: Ending Soon
Paint your whole world with a rainbow!

The Rainbow's End Treasure Hunter promotion is ending at midnight tonight, September 13th. You only have a few hours left to grab those colourful goodies, including the fabulous new Rainbow Outfit.

Patch Notes
This week’s fixes and improvements.

Ninja Strike 26


  • The weekly limit on the Shattered Heart D&D has been removed - good news for those of you looking to complete the 'Stones Throw Away' achievement!
  • Strange and Golden Rocks can now be added to their respective statues directly from the Statue Collection Bag or the Backpack.
    • Added feedback messaging upon trying to add Rocks without currently possessing any.
    • Strange and Golden Rocks will now be sent to the Bank if you don't have enough Backpack space.
    • If your Bank is full, the Rock will either replace the last item received or be lost entirely, depending on the skilling method.
    • Info-boxes will now be displayed when receiving Strange or Golden Rocks.
  • The Statue Collection Bag can now be filled via the Bank while it's in the Backpack.


  • Added five new Enhancers, all of which may be gained from the Motherlode Maw:
    • Agile Outfit Enhancer: Grants an additional lap of progress towards the Agile Outfit per completed lap.
    • Construction Contract Enhancer: Grants +100% Construction Credits when completing a Construction contract.
    • Anachronia Base Camp Enhancer: Grants a +20% drop chance for rare building resources across Anachronia.
      • This stacks with the Roar of Osseous effect, giving a maximum +30% drop chance.
    • Invention Task Enhancer: Grants a new task for the tech tree that you last completed a task for.
    • Menaphos City Quest Enhancer: Grants +100% reputation when completing a Menaphos city quest.


  • The Creeping Hand pet has been converted to an interface pet.
    • Players are no longer able to feed the Creeping Hand Leather Gloves.
    • If a player owns more than one Creeping Hand, they will be removed and the player will receive some Thaler in compensation, regardless of which currency was originally used to purchase the additional pets.
  • The Gecko pet has been converted to an interface pet.
    • If a player owns more than one Gecko they will be awarded coloured Geckos accordingly.
  • Adult Geckos can now be caught in Box Traps.

Grand Exchange Buy Limits

  • Adjusted the Grand Exchange buy limits of various items:
ItemOld LimitNew Limit
Air/Water/Earth/Fire Talisman5005,000
Arrowheads and Headless Arrows10,000100,000
Feathers and Arrow Shafts10,000100,000
Dart Tips5,000100,000
Elder Arrow Shafts10025,000
Elder Headless Arrows20,00025,000
Primal Fruit Pulp1005,000
Spirit Shards10,000500,000
Glorious Bar10,000100
Mammoth Tusk1005,000
Dino Scales30,000100,000
Poison Slime1,0005,000
Magic Notepaper5002,000
Inert Adrenaline Crystal200500
Adrenaline Crystal200500
Vital Sparks1,0002,000
Abomination Cape1002
Spider Leg1002
Mechanised Chinchompa20,0005,000
Barrows Totems50200
Vis Wax200500
Swamp Tar5,00020,000
XP Capacitor25
Araxyte Pheromone10010
Shadowy Egg102
Flies and Beetle Bits1001,000
Divine Charge and Empty Containers10,0001,000
Tier 3 raw Big Game Hunter meats1001,000
Terrasaur Maul pieces1002
Seasinger/Tetsu Weapon Upgrade Kit12
Merethiel's Stave and Purple Mushroom1002
Primal Dessert/Starter/Main Course1001,000
All potion bombs1001,000
Powerburst Potions1001,000
Herb Seeds100500
Masterwork and Trimmed Masterwork Armours1,0002
Treasure Trail item setsShared buy limit of 250 but there is still a group restriction
General QoL

  • The Spirit Cape unlock's special move cost reduction now applies to non-combat familiars.
  • Moved buyer-contract options at Manor Farm and The Ranch Out of Time to a noticeboard, which allows players to easily select which buyers they'd like to sell to.
    • Renamed an option on both Granny Potterington and Prehistoric Potterington to reflect these changes.
  • Players can now select whether to have stack value show the Grand Exchange price or the High Alchemy Price. They can also disable the display altogether.
    • This can be done under Settings > Item Drops > Item Stack Information.
    • This means Ironmen will no longer have to see High Alchemy prices.
    • This affects how much Gold is added to Runemetrics drops based on the chosen setting, and will adjust accordingly when the setting is changed.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to obtain multiple rare items for the Anachronia Base Camp.
  • The 'Conquest Adore' achievement is no longer required for the Trimmed Completionist Cape.
  • The Lorehound pet will now affect the drop rates of Ancient Pages and Magister's Journal Pages.

The Glacor Front


  • Reaper Assignments will now correctly indicate that the Arch-Glacor is the target when using quick-chat.
  • Fixed a grammar error on the grouping system UI for the Arch-Glacor fight.
  • Arch-Glacor logs are now shown in the Adventurer's Log.
  • Rewards from the Arch-Glacor fight are now given to the top three players.
  • The Arch-Glacor's drops will no longer spawn below the boss, where they are inaccessible to players.
  • Players can now consistently leave the Arch-Glacor arena after defeating the boss in hard mode.

Burthorpe Path


  • The Lumbridge Guardsmen and Harlan the Defense skill master have had a trip to the armoury! They're all sporting snazzy new armour in which they'll defend Lumbridge in style.
    • This includes the Lumbridge Guardsmen who appear during a cutscene in You Are It.
    • Head and chathead models have also been updated!
  • Dark wizards have clearly been checking off their tasklist, because they're now wearing the Dark Mage Outfit from Yak to Basics. At least, we think they are - we don't want to get too close!
  • A UI tutorial regarding Charms dropped by cows in Burthorpe now only occurs upon receiving the specific Charm required to close the prompt.
  • Changed the default position of the Loot window on desktop.



  • The Auto Loot Bars option has been removed from Metallic Dragon Trinkets.
  • The interfaces for Dragon and Metallic Dragon Trinkets have been refreshed.


  • Using 'Open all' on Geodes now correctly interrupts the Mining action - you'll still receive XP and ore.
  • Re-enabled the ability to apply the 'bloom' graphical setting on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Fire Urn spell from awarding Crafting XP if your level was less than 82.
  • Mining within the Clan Citadel will now play an animation featuring the correct pickaxe.
  • Fixed a typo in Leonard's dialogue.
  • Players may now summon familiars at The Azure Prison checkpoint in the Temple of Amanishi.
  • Removed a cheeky extra book from the 'Taking it Easy' rest animation.
  • Portable Workbenches can now be searched for on the Grand Exchange.
  • HOTFIXED: Death will no longer assign bosses he shouldn't.
  • Resizing the interface in Edit Mode will now automatically update the interface to take the new size into consideration.
  • The Monks of Zamorak in the Paterdomus Church can now be damaged by AoE abilities.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Varrock Armour 4 from being unlocked once the requirements were met.
  • Added blocking to two trees outside Draynor Manor and south of Barbarian Village.
  • Reporting a player from a Clan will now correctly grey out the name of the reporter.
  • Chat messages regarding luck-increasing items are now fully localized on German, French, and Brazilian-Portuguese servers.
  • The naming conventions for dyed objects have been made more consistent.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some of the boss buttons on the Reaper's Choice list to be disabled even when players met the requirements.
  • Opening the Upgrades and Extras interface at the start of a duel will no longer delay the first hit of damage.
  • Expanding the 'Feats' achievement category will no longer make the scrollbar disappear.
  • Fixed a bug on the 'Back' button on desktop. The mobile button is still working as intended.
  • Corrected some minor mapping issues in War's Retreat.
  • Made a number of changes to Feathers of Ma'at to stop issues with completing corrupted creature Slayer Tasks:
    • Feathers are now destroyed on drop to prevent them being placed on the floor.
    • Feathers can no longer be traded to a Beast of Burden.
    • You must now have at least one Feather in your Backpack before starting to fight corrupted creatures and soul devourers.
    • Loot will now go to the person who used the Feather, rather than the player who hit the creature first.
  • Raids bosses and the first two bosses of each Elite Dungeon are once again hidden in Reaper's Choice, and cannot be assigned as a Reaper Task.
  • Fixed an issue where all subsequent bosses in the Reaper's Choice interface after the first locked boss were also locked.
  • Death once again ignores 'soft conditions' on bosses when determining whether he can assign them as a Reaper Task. For example, Death will assign the Magister provided you have 115 Slayer even if you don't have any Keys to the Crossing. Soft conditions include acquirable items like Barrows Totems, Ascension Keystones, etc.
  • Soft conditions (as described above) are now distinguished from hard requirements in the tooltips for Beasts boss requirements, and the relevant wording has been made clearer.
  • Corrected an issue where Song from the Depths was unintentionally a requirement for Death to assign Queen Black Dragon as a Reaper Task.
  • Missing requirements (both hard and soft) have been added to the requirements section of the Beasts tab.
  • The familiar renewal message is no longer duplicated when the familiar is renewed with an active Totem of Summoning.
  • The Icefiends on Ice Mountain will no longer attack using fire. Safety first!
  • Potions now consistently show doses in the Herblore Skillguide.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not restore Summoning points if they didn't have a pet summoned.
  • Players must now use the Grand Piano Key on the piano to unlock a door to the south in the Broken Home quest.
  • Shaikahan cannot be poisoned unless using a Poisoned Spear and Poison Potion.
    • Shaikahan is also dropping bones again. So that's where the Arch-Glacor was getting them from!
  • The correct NPC animations will now play during a scene around the Falador map table in While Guthix Sleeps.
  • The Berserker Blood Essence buff will no longer remove unrelated buffs when it expires.
  • Unreachable spots near the Elf Camp are now reachable.
  • The camera can now be freely rotated during the court case scene in King's Ransom.
  • The animation played when riveting Masterwork Armour has changed.
  • You may now toggle whether Buckets are destroyed or not when making Molten Glass.
  • The player character will no longer freeze after casting a two-handed Shock or Horror spell.
  • You may now choose between three different personalities for your Kipple Nano pet.

All the latest goings on…

Awesome Art

Aargh! It's the Arch-Glacor, in retro form! Congrats to SnowyTheHunter on this frighteningly cool pixel art.

Pink Skirts

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are some of our upcoming favourites:

Gregorovic Mass

  • Hosted by: M e r c y & Helpscape
  • Date/Time: Wednesday September 15th 2021, 12:00-13:00 Game Time
  • World: 35
  • Location: Sliske Lobby, The Heart of Gielinor

Nex - Angel of Death

  • Hosted by: Spotleewolf & Nexaodmass
  • Date/Time: Friday September 17th 2021, 23:00-23:59 Game Time
  • World: 92
  • Location: Ancient Prison, God Wars Dungeon

If neither of those take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

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