This Week In RuneScape: Ninja Strike 27 - Autumn Strike

Ah yes, the magic of autumn. Crisp crunchy leaves underfoot, frogs croaking in the cranberry bogs, shuriken whistling through the air... Hold on a minute! It looks like the Ninjas are conducting a seasonal Scattershot Strike! But that's not all you have to look forward to - it's also World Mental Health Day and we've teamed up with our charity partner Blueprint For All to bring you the Well-being Bundle, a goodie-bag filled with useful stuff. Read on to learn more!

Ninja Strike 27: Autumn Strike
A Seasonal Scattershot Strike!

The Ninja Team are back with a seasonal scattershot strike, and they're bringing a veritable cornucopia of QoL improvements to the game.

Of special note is a new button on the Bank interface which lets you toggle whether or not the Bank automatically switches tabs when depositing items. In addition, clickboxes throughout the Anachronia Agility Course have been fine-tuned to make life easier, and items in the Loot window can now be examined, showing their examine text and GE (or high-alchemy) values where applicable.

For full details, shimmy over to the Patch Notes tab!

World Mental Health Day & Blueprint for All
Support our charity partners!

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th, and we're celebrating with a big box of goodies! The Well-being Bundle can be purchased from the Marketplace's Bonds Tab from today until the 24th of October for just 1 Bond, and will net you a boatload of useful buffs and boosts.

Here's the best part: 100% of the bundle's revenues will go directly to our partner charities: Blueprint For All, Rise Above the Disorder and Mind CPSL. You can learn all about them on the Jagex Charitable Giving Page, but rest assured, they're all fantastic causes.

After purchasing the bundle, you'll receive a Stone of Meditation with two charges. You might remember this item from Mental Health Awareness Week earlier this year - activating the Stone will give you a 4% XP buff, and surrounding players a 2% XP buff, for one hour. You can gain two charges each day just by logging in, and you can store up to five charges at one time.

From November 15th, 2021, the Stone of Meditation will be converted into 2,500 Oddments on log-in.

The bundle is also jam-packed with helpful items. Here's the full list:

  • 1 Stone of Meditation (with two charges)
  • 15 Pulse Cores
  • 15 Cinder Cores
  • 5 Medium Protean Packs
  • 10 Protean Powerups
  • 10 Combat Dummies
  • 3 Large Skill Dummy Crates
  • 1 Deathtouched Dart

Please note that Ironman accounts will be unable to purchase the Well-being Bundle.

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update

Ninja Strike 27

  • A new button has been added to the Bank interface, which will toggle whether the Bank automatically switches from the currently open tab when depositing items.
  • Adjusted the size of clickboxes throughout the Anachronia Agility Course to make traversal easier.
  • The names of follower overrides now appear in the examine text for the follower they're overriding.
  • Items in the Loot window can now be examined to view their examine text plus the Grand Exchange or High Alchemy values, where applicable.
  • Master Capes can now be purchased from Elen in the Max Guild's tower.
    • Master Firemaking, Fletching, Thieving, Ranged, RuneCrafting and Magic Capes can also now be bought from their respective Skill Masters' stores.
  • Added a 'Consume all' option to Wicked Hood Teleport Tokens.
  • The names of RuneCrafting altars and mysterious ruins now reflect their associated Runes.
  • Extra Fine Sand can now be blessed at more Saradomin-aligned altars, including:
    • Entrana
    • Citharede Abbey
    • Everlight statues
    • Saradominist Player Owned House chapels
  • In addition, you may now simply left-click or tap the sand while next to one of the above altars to bless it, instead of manually using the sand on the altar.
  • It's now possible to click through the excess border portion of some option interfaces, such as those that offer teleports.
  • Interacting with any of the skill check barriers to the inner circle of the Abyss will now play a shorter animation.
  • Players can no longer fail obstacles in the Abyss. Instead, there's now a hard level 30 requirement in the respective skills to cross the obstacles.
    • Adjusted some outdated messaging regarding the obstacles.
  • Falador Shields now have a 'Check charges' option.
    • An info-box now appears when checking charges.
    • Renamed the 'Prayer-restore' option to 'Restore Prayer'.
    • Reordered some of the options to make room for the new one.
  • Previous Action Bar presets are now remembered when loading a new layout that has more additional Action Bars than the previous one.
  • The Kharid-Et pylon buff now displays the time remaining on its buff icon while active.
  • The Roar of Osseous buff now displays the time remaining on its buff icon while active.
  • Removed a redundant trade option from Martin the Master Gardener.
  • Added in the following 'places' within the Clan Noticeboard set up screen:
    • Elder God Wars: Arch-Glacor
    • Elder God Wars: Croesus
    • Elder God Wars: Kerapac
    • Raksha
    • Rex Matriarchs

The Croesus Front


  • The 'Scripture of Bik' has now been added to the Croesus Boss Collection Log.
  • Updated the buy limit for the new fungus and fungal materials introduced with the Croesus Front:
    • 10,000 for standard
    • 5,000 for enriched
  • After gathering feedback post-launch, we're now allowing Ironman accounts to join non-Ironman accounts in private Croesus encounters.
  • Added a 'Croesus' preset to the Bank.
  • Rare rewards dropped after defeating Croesus are now broadcast.
  • Added the new lorebooks to the Master Quest Cape.
  • The player is now able to use Bladed Dive while equipping Tavia's Fishing Rod.
  • Reduced the number of players who are able to join a public Croesus encounter to 18.
  • Tagga's Corehammer and Sana's Fyrtorch will now be able to roll for their respective arrow tips when skilling inside the Croesus boss fight.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from cooking the new Fungal Soups.
  • Dyed grasping runepouches will now correctly revert to tradeable versions when all runes are removed from them.
  • Fixed an issue where dyed variants of the Grasping Runepouch were not triggering the special effect.
  • Removed duplicates of the new fungus and fungus materials from the Grand Exchange.
  • Fungal Soups are now both tradeable and available on the Grand Exchange.
  • Cinderbane Gloves and other poisons no longer work on Croesus. This was an unintended effect.
  • Added Croesus to the Final Boss and Insane Final Boss achievements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Leviathan nodes to disappear, preventing players from completing a public Croesus encounter.
  • Players no longer get stuck inside of Croesus when it's vulnerability timer ends.
  • The Skill Guide now shows the correct name and icon for the Grasping Rune Pouch.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented drops from Croesus appearing on the Adventurer's Log.
  • Waterfiend no longer duplicates encounter resources.
  • Mushroom paths are now consistent and continue to sparkle after the instance timer expires.

The Glacor Front


  • Scripture of Wen damage is now scaled down in PvP.
  • The various EAB abilities from the generals around the Elder God Wars Dungeon will now work against the Glacors.


  • Updated the Gloves of Passage Buff Bar tooltip as it was previously showing incorrect information.
  • Reaper points and Marks of War have been adjusted from the Hardmode Arch-Glacor fight.
  • The special attack of the Dark shard of Leng will no longer cleared when changing weapons. However, the damage cap is unaffected by the effect for non-melee damage.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Glacors to be attacked through the boss encounter barrier at the Glacor Front.

The Nodon Front


  • The Slayer tracker and counter once again display the name of a cluster task, instead of a monster in that cluster. For example, it will now read 'dragons' instead of 'bronze dragons'.
  • The Slayer counter tooltip now uses the same description as the Activity Tracker. If you've completed a Slayer task, this description now suggests getting a task from the optimal Slayer master for your level (that you've unlocked), rather than the Slayer master who gave you your previous task.



  • After many years of campaigning by pures, the level 29 Defence requirement has been removed from Ancient Curses.
    • The Curses! achievement now lists Temple at Senntisten as a prerequisite, and its description is now clearer about how to unlock Ancient Curses.
  • Various bits and bobs from Yak Track: Path of the Creators have been cleared from Burthorpe.
  • The drop-down menu for the RuneMetrics drop log and the mode can now be changed.


  • It is no longer possible to bypass the cooldown of a special attack by utilising the Essence of Finality.
  • Reduced clipping on the Wen Neophyte outfit.
  • Fixed a broken cutscene which prevented progress during the While Guthix Sleeps quest on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with the softlock caused by changing screen sizes.
  • The game should no longer log you out when a Patch Bomb harvests a significant number of crops in one go.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped players from adding Golden Rocks to the Statue of Rhiannon while they were in the Statue Collection Bag.
  • Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to receive a Golden Dungeoneering Rock when completing a dungeon or sinkhole, or while gaining Dungeoneering experience in an Elite Dungeon.


  • The One Special Day bundle has been removed from the Marketplace.

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Community Shout-Out

This week we'd like to give a shout-out to the RuneScape Art Community Discord! This amazing community has grown into one of the most popular places to share RuneScape fanart, so check it out, throw around some compliments, and have a go at indulging your own creativity. Who knows, you might even see your work in next week's Community tab!

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