This Week In RuneScape: Patch Week

It's all quiet in RuneScape today, as the J-Mods have knuckled down for a Patch Week. We've got over 70 bug fixes, changes, and improvements for you today, and we've got an important update about RuneScape: The First 20 Years. Let's get on with it!

RuneScape: The First 20 Years
Pre-ordered copies shipping soon!

Hey, fancy a sneak peek at RuneScape: The First 20 Years? Check out our RuneScape: The First 20 Years newspost (which will be updated soon with the latest news and images).

We've got a quick update regarding publication dates:

The global publication date of the main (red cover) retail edition is being moved from mid-October to November 9th in the US and November 11th in the UK. Our publisher, Dark Horse, has hit major shipping delays - a knock on effect of the general global shipping issues we've all experienced over the last year.

A shipment destined for comic stores in the US, however, has already arrived - so US-based 'scapers can grab a copy from their local indie comic book hero on the slightly earlier date of October 20th.

Deluxe and main edition copies purchased from the Official Merch Store have been unloaded from the boat in the UK and are waiting to land in the US. If all goes well with docking, getting through customs and finding HGV drivers, we expect pre-orders to start leaving UK and US warehouses on October 19th.

If you live outside the US and have not yet ordered your copy, all good book stores should now be taking pre-orders of the main edition for the new November publication date.

And don't forget, you can find more awesome RuneScape goodies on the Official Merch Store!

A Few Reminders
Don't miss out!

World Mental Health Day

Have you checked out The Well-being Bundle? It's chock full of useful stuff, costs just 1 Bond, and is all in aid of our amazing charity partners.

World Mental Health Day may have already passed, but the bundle will be available until October 24th - so don't miss out!

Here's what's inside:

  • 1 Stone of Meditation (with two charges)
  • 15 Pulse Cores
  • 15 Cinder Cores
  • 5 Medium Protean Packs
  • 10 Protean Powerups
  • 10 Combat Dummies
  • 3 Large Skill Dummy Crates
  • 1 Deathtouched Dart

Please note that Ironman accounts will not be able to purchase The Well-being Bundle.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

We've teamed up with Xbox Game Pass to get you an awesome Skilling & Currency Pack to help you kickstart your adventure.

You have until November 28th to claim this offer, and December 28th to redeem it in game - so don't delay, check it out today!

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Prime Gaming

After some technical issues, the next set of Prime Gaming rewards are here. You have until October 19th to claim the coveted, XP-boosting Prime Aura and a Currency Pack containing 400 RuneCoins and 20 Treasure Hunter Keys.

Claiming your rewards is super-easy - just link your RuneScape and Prime Gaming accounts, and follow the instructions on this page.

Ironman accounts will not be able to claim either reward.

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update

The Croesus Front


  • Updated the requirements to enter War's Retreat:
    • Players with level 60 combat or higher will be able to enter as standard.
    • Players with a total skill level of 1,000 or more will now also be able to enter.
    • Players need only meet one of the above requirements, not both.
  • Players now have a greater chance to receive Elite Clues using the Scripture of Bik. The chances of receiving Easy, Medium and Hard Clues have been lowered accordingly.


  • Sign of the Porter now places items collected from Hunter nodes into the player's Bank if their Backpack is full.
  • Potions added with The Croesus Front can now be decanted by the appropriate NPCs.

The Glacor Front


  • Various changes have been made to the Arch-Glacor's minions:
    • The minions' health now scales based on the number of mechanics enabled.
    • Improved visibility on minion type by adding their combat style to their names.
    • Changed spawn position of minions so they no longer obscure the boss.
    • Added a very minor delay to the activation of the shield when minions spawn.
    • The shield no longer provides full immunity to the boss but reduces all damage to 2%. This is to mitigate situations where the minions spawn with the boss on extremely low life - FINISH HIM!
    • The Unstable Core (which is non-interactable) has been moved to a low priority level so as not to interfere with the minions' click areas.
  • The following places now contain the new Glacor model:
    • Slayer Skill Guide
    • Player-owned House Pet House
    • Player-owned Dungeon Slayer Codex
  • Examining Gladys will now show you the highest enraged kill you have completed.


  • Improved the volume of the combat sound effects during the Arch-Glacor encounter.
  • Updated the examine text of Glacors on The Glacor Front.
  • 'Tsunami' can now be used on the Arch-Glacor's arms.
  • The Arch-Glacor's enrage percentage will now be displayed correctly.

The Nodon Front


  • Rejoining an instance after changing difficulty will now send the player to the correct mode.
  • Closing an interface with the escape key will no longer trigger the battlefield ability.
  • Fixed an issue with the hitbox of Kerapac's Lightning Strike attack.



  • The Wilderness Level Indicator has been repositioned to the right of the chatbox for better visibility.


  • Resolved an issue where a red square was present on the Bank interface banner on mobile devices that have a tall aspect ratio.
  • The '+' icon is no longer partially cropped on the mobile lobby.
  • The Bonds icon is no longer partially cropped on the mobile lobby.
  • The prize information interface is now positioned correctly.
  • Closing the Bag of Materials interface no longer shows the Achievements interface.
  • Dropdowns are no longer out of line with other buttons on devices with a left-hand safe area.
  • Numeric text is now correctly positioned in the mobile lobby.



  • The Tsunami ability can now be cast against primary targets more than 4 tiles away, respecting the player's attack range.
    • Secondary targets will still be selected in the area in front of the player.
  • The current model and animations for Hannibus will now appear in quests prior to Desperate Measures.
  • Updated Hannibus' model and animations in Fate of the Gods.
  • Tanya the Burthorpe tanner has come out of 'hide'-ing.
  • The 'Distracted' achievement now lists the D&Ds required to complete it.


  • The female chathead will now display correctly with the Battleworn Armour equipped.
  • Uncovering mysteries no longer sends multiple chat messages.
  • Tooltip bounds for Runespan overlays no longer overextend to the right.
  • The Mallory boss pet's idle animation no longer causes FPS drops.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the Kindred Spirits quest.
  • Players will no longer receive notifications about Juju Farming Potions after running out of Perfect Plus Potions. This issue was caused by drinking a Perfect Juju Farming Potion immediately before a Perfect Plus Potion.
  • Ralph will now correctly grant additional beans when sold a breed that meets his request.
  • Players can now catch butterflies with a sheathed Butterfly Net in Legacy Mode.
  • The Augmented Crystal Fishing Rod will no longer display cogs while fishing if 'Hide Cogs on Augmented Items' is toggled off.
  • While hunting, players will now require two free Backpack slots when collecting captured animals from Box Traps.
  • Players will now correctly receive any damage queued during delays.
  • The Extended Super Antifire Potion icon will now disappear when the buff timer runs out. The name of the buff timer will stay the same when relogging.
  • Subtitles in the ship to Anachronia cutscene are no longer cut off when playing in Full Screen Mode.
  • The Guardian of Armadyl's dialogue now changes after completing Sliske's Endgame.
  • Players can now reliably retrieve the Black Arm Gang half of the Shield of Arrav from the cupboard in their hideout.
  • Drinking an Antifire Potion that overrides an active effect will now correctly update the Buff Bar.
  • The debuff which prevents players from drinking Adrenaline Potion will no longer be reapplied after channeling Adrenaline Crystals and relogging.
  • Partially fixed the misaligned header text in the Control tab when resizing the game window.
  • The Extreme RuneCrafting Potion will disappear from the Buff Bar after it expires and the player has logged out.
  • Performing the Shock emote will no longer cause the player avatar's hand to clip through their head.
  • Players will no longer receive double XP after one party member leaves the game at the end of a dungeon floor.
  • Fixed issues with Cinder Cores.
  • Fixed the RuneCoin display in the lobby.

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Awesome Art

Top artist Willoway has created this awesome depiction of the wonderful Jaxyys and her favourite Mahjarrat, Azzanadra! Looks like they make a great team. We love the dynamism of the characters and the composition of the sketch. Incredible work!

Pink Skirts

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are some of our favourites coming up:

Mega Duck Hunt

  • Hosted by: Steve20058 & Mega Duck
  • Date/Time: Tuesday October 12th 2021, 20:00 - 21:00 Game Time
  • World: 39
  • Location: Falador Park

Mazcab Raids

  • Hosted by: Good Nap, Silence, Raid FC & Boss School staff
  • Date/Time: Saturday October 16th 2021, 18:00 - 19:00 Game Time
  • World: 71
  • Location: Mazcab

If neither of those take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

Scaper's Screenshots

This week's screenshots come from The RuneScape Art Community Discord! Check 'em out here.

By CyanCyborg

By SnowyTheHunter

By meteor | i love verac

Community Shout-Out

This week's shout-out goes to The RuneScape Wiki, that daring band of volunteers who spend their time gathering game knowledge and distributing it to players all over the world! Not sure about something? Looking for some specific numbers to help you minmax a fight? Curious about some dialogue you spacebarred through? Then head to the Wiki!

- The RuneScape Team

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