This Week In RuneScape: The RS20 mini-quest series continues!

This Week In RuneScape: The RS20 mini-quest series continues!

They say that April showers bring May flowers, so we hope none of you have hayfever, because we're anticipating a total deluge of content this month. But more importantly, this week those who have been affected by the Login Lockout can start to collect on our 'Making it right' care package, as well as news about the latest Ninja Strike and the next part in our time-hopping anniversary miniquest series.

Login Lockout

Latest News

Last week we welcomed back the first waves of players impacted by the March Login Lockout, and those of you who haven't yet returned to the game can expect to be processed soon. We'd like to thank all of you for the patience you've shown throughout this situation.

Find out more information and updates, click here:

The Returned

Those of you taking your first steps back into Gielinor this week will find a care package full of goodies waiting for you. Upon logging in on or after April 6th, you'll receive a box in your Inventory (or your Bank, if your Inventory is full), which you can open to find your compensation gifts.

For more information on what we're doing to make things right, check out this newspost.

RS20 Miniquest | Once Upon A Time: Flashback!

Last time in our 20th Anniversary miniquest series, you attended the party of a lifetime and wound up in Closure's office. Now, it's time to undo Relomia's mischief - but to save RuneScape's future, you'll need to revisit the past! Help Closure restore key memories, meet up with old friends, and earn yourself some great rewards!


To play Once Upon a Time: Flashback, you'll need:

  • RuneScape membership
  • Completion of Once Upon a Time: Foreshadowing

We also recommend completing the following quests:

  • Merlin's Crystal
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Animal Magnetism

How to Start

Head over to Closure's office, accessible through Death's realm.

Ninja Strike 21: Pets & Logs

The Ninja Team have returned from their mountaintop dojo with another awesome update, this time focussing on Pets and Logs. No word about pet logs just yet, but here's what else they've been up to!

First up: more follower pet conversions! This time the Ex-ex-parrot, Sneakerpeeper, and green, blue, red and black baby dragons have all been converted from object to follower pets in the Customisation interface.

Speaking of interfaces, completionists will be glad to hear that all Collection Log interfaces will now stay open while in, or while entering, combat. They'll also stick around while interacting with objects, and they'll update in real time, too.

In addition, a whopping 70 new playlist slots have been added to the Music Playlist - so go on, set up your favourite rune tunes and rock your way to the Patch Notes tab, where you can see the full list of this week's Ninja shenanigans.

Ninja Strike 21: Pets & Logs


  • The Ex-ex-parrot has been converted from an object pet to a follower pet in the Customisation interface.
  • The Sneakerpeeper has been converted from an object pet to a follower pet in the Customisation interface.
    • Dungeoneering Tokens have been refunded for any additional Sneakerpeepers you may have had.
  • The green, blue, red and black baby dragons have been converted from object pets to follower pets in the Customisation interface.
    • The corresponding eggs will now only drop if the respective pet is yet to be unlocked or is still required for the Collection Log.
  • Recently converted interface pets now have a despawn animation.

Collection Logs & Interfaces

  • All Collection Log interfaces will stay open while in or entering combat and when interacting with objects. They will also update in real time. For example, the Clue Collection Log will remain on-screen and update as you open clue caskets.
  • The Archaeology Material Storage interface will no longer force close when in combat.
  • Players can now use the worker icon in the Base Camp Management interface to manually input numbers and quickly assign workers.

General Quality of Life

  • The Music Playlist has been expanded from 30 to 100 slots, more than tripling the number of favourite songs you can blast on your journey around Gielinor.
  • The Music Playlist now lists the number of tracks that have been added to it.
  • The 'Order of Slayers' Achievement has been updated to include Jacquelyn & Mandrith.



  • Fixed an issue with the Effigy Incubator that was causing players to lose effigies.

J-Mod Livestreams

Wednesday April 7th | 16:00 Game Time | April Content Preview and Leads Q&A

One stream, two big topics! First up we have the rescheduled April Content Preview, followed by a Q&A with the leads. Not to be missed!

You can catch us live, over on

Creative Corner


We love to see our lorehounds in action, and Jaxyys' story-driven playthrough is no exception! In this latest video, she's heading to Falador, home of the surprisingly stoic White Knights. She's also just hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, so don't forget to drop your congratulations in the comments!

Awesome Art

Elej has done a fantastic job of drawing this perfectly ordinary, nondescript cactus... hey, wait a minute! This sneaky KGP agent really had us going for a second, but thanks to Elej's spectacular observations, we'll be able to keep him under surveillance. Excellent work!

Steam Screenshots

This week's screenshots came from the RuneScape Art Community! Join them here:

By meteor#5442

By Elej#8679

By CyanCyborg#9640

Community Corner

Pink Skirts Event

This week's Pink Skirts event is a trip to see Nex: Angel of Death! If you're up to the challenge, meet Pippyspot and LSPVM247 in the Ancient Prison on World 92 this Friday, April 9th from 20:00 - 21:00.

For more information, add LSPVM24 to your Friends' Chat, or head to the Pink Skirts page!

Community Shout-Out

Our shout-out this week goes to the RuneScape Wiki, your one-stop shop for everything RuneScape! In this mystic portal of knowledge you can learn everything you could possibly want to know about the game, from the drop rates on the rare item table to the number of toilets in Gielinor (the answer may surprise you!).

While you're there, be sure to check out the One Small Wiki Favour initiative. Wiki users can contribute to a number of ongoing tasks and qualify for special in-game rewards, including Bonds!

The RuneScape Team
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