This Weekend on Twitch

This Weekend on Twitch
The Old School Twitch community never ceases to amaze us. Whether it is regular charity livestreams, constant in game events or just the fact that there are always people playing Old School live, the Twitch community does Old School proud.

We would like to highlight some streams coming up this weekend that we feel may catch your interest. If any of these streams tickle your fancy, make sure to tune in at the time listed!

BaconBath's every drop ironman challenge

BaconBath is an ironman who has decided to take on a real challenge - get every single drop. All of them. Definitely worth a watch. Tune in on Sunday at 1pm EST to see just how far he can get.

Speedy Barrows runs with Tk Trance

Who doesn't love a bit of Barrows? Tune in at 2pm EST on Saturday to see Tk Trance take on the brothers and race his way to the chest.

tahtahzz's ironman adventures

At 1pm EST on Sunday, tahtahzz will be taking on various slayer tasks, clue scrolls and even the barrows brothers on his ironman. If you want to see how an ironman goes about their daily 'scaping, make sure to watch.

Drarraj's Saturday slayer

All day on Saturday, Drarraj will be gearing up for some high level slayer content.

Northy's road to 5k Zulrah kills

Northy is over half way to his goal of 5,000 Zulrah kills. He'll be continuing to work towards it all day on Sunday so be sure to watch!


There's nothing like some questing and slayer to make a weekend, especially for an ironman. Tune in and see OneAngryBuck make some gains at 9pm EST on both Saturday and Sunday.

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