Three Cheers for Lumbridge!

New Tutorial:

Since we first released the tutorial, a huge amount has been added to the game. New content, extra skills, new-look interfaces: all of these combine to make the old tutorial seem a little outdated. So, we've gone back to the drawing board and completely reworked it: from the creation of your character right through to your first explorations of RuneScape.

No longer will new players be trapped on an island; instead, they will be introduced to something similar to a quest involving a White Knight whose actions will decide the fate of Lumbridge. It seems that there are more than just goblins in the caves beneath Lumbridge, and a budding adventurer is required to assist the White Knight, learning a few things while they're at it.

All players will receive a Quest Point for completing the tutorial, whether they completed the old tutorial or the new tutorial (and any content with a Quest Point requirement will be raised as a result). Also, all players can collect two experience lamps, worth 250xp each, whether they completed the old or new tutorial. These can be found by chatting to Sir Vant, beneath the house to the north-east of Lumbridge Castle.

Lumbridge Moneymaking:

Following a lengthy seminar about industry and trade, the Skill Tutors and other Lumbridge locals have become much more commercially minded. Having noticed the swathes of inexperienced adventurers who pass through Lumbridge, they've decided to employ them to help supply all manner of items.

This means that, in return for completing their tasks, players can receive a modest, but prompt, payment. So, if you are reasonably low-leveled and your money is running low, the people of Lumbridge will help you to recover your finances - in return for a little hard work.

Lumbridge and Draynor Village Achievement Diary:

Explorer Jack, famed wanderer of RuneScape, has taken a much needed rest in Lumbridge. Instead of putting his feet up, however, he's encouraging a new generation of explorers. Visit him in the house north-east of Lumbridge Castle to begin achieving.

There are Beginner, Easy and Medium tasks in the Lumbridge and Draynor Achievement Diary, but no 'Hard' tasks. Lumbridge is, after all, a beginner's town, so the tasks can be completed by all but the newest of players. The rewards are aimed for everyone to appreciate, though!

In other news...

Every week we receive thousands of abuse reports on the subject of Rule 10: Misuse of Customer Support. Often, these are from players reacting to reports made against them, with only 1% showing any evidence of a broken rule. Since we can identify those who break Rule 10 ourselves, we have decided to remove the option to report players for Rule 10: Misuse of Customer Support. The rule itself will not be removed or changed and we will continue to take the appropriate action against those who break it.