Trailers and Trolls!

We are proud to share with the world our latest cinematic trailer, which showcases the new members' starting experience: the Troll Warzone.

This stunning trailer opens in the druidic village of Taverley in the year 169 of the 5th Age. Itís not long before our adventurer is at the heart of the adrenaline-fuelled action, calling on his skills to drive back the fearsome trolls threatening the village.

We are really excited about this trailer, which has been lovingly crafted for us by the team at visual effects powerhouse Framestore in New York.

You can see the new trailer here, and subscribers among you can step up to the challenge yourselves by entering the Troll Warzone today.

As always, you can let us know what you love about the new trailer, or anything RuneScape related, on our forums or Facebook.

Spread the word. Join the adventure!

The RuneScape Team

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