Treasure Hunter – Rune Ethereals

Treasure Hunter – Rune Ethereals

Show your true colours and boost your runecrafting skills with rune ethereal outfits.

Open Treasure Hunter chests between 16th October at 01:00 UK time and 21st October at 00:59 UK time to win rune ethereal outfit pieces.

Law Ethereal Set Death Ethereal Set Blood Ethereal Set Infinity Ethereal Set

There are three different rune ethereal outfits to collect - the law ethereal, the death ethereal, and the blood ethereal. Each comprises five tradeable pieces, and grants you the following runecrafting-related benefits:

  • A chance to double your runes when siphoning in the Runespan - 5% with a full ethereal outfit.
  • 25% chance for your rune pouch to not degrade while runecrafting in a full outfit.
  • Store up to 6 piece of rune essence in a full outfit
  • All the benefits of the master runecrafter robes and wicked robes, if you already own them.
  • The ability to move between areas of the Runespan without rune cost.

Combine the same pieces from all three outfits to create the infinity ethereal outfit, which gives you all of the above, plus:

  • The chance to double your runes in the Runespan is increased to 7% with the full outfit.
  • The chance for your rune pouch to not degrade is increased to 50% with the full outfit.
  • The maximum amount of rune essence that can be stored in the full outfit increases to 12.
  • Five daily teleports to the yellow wizard within the Runespan (and back!)

For the first three days of the promotion you will be able to win elements from a different outfit each day. Return to Treasure Hunter on the 4th and 5th days to win any of the three outfits and complete your sets:

  • 01:00 16th Oct - 00:59 17th Oct: law ethereal
  • 01:00 17th Oct - 00:59 18th Oct: blood ethereal
  • 01:00 18th Oct - 00:59 19th Oct: death ethereal
  • 01:00 19th Oct - 00:59 21st Oct: all three outfits

All times and dates listed above are British Summer Time (BST).

Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two! You can get your hands on even more through gameplay – just visit the wiki to find out how, and learn a little more about Treasure Hunter at the same time.

You can buy more Keys via the website too, redeem Bonds in-game, or just select ‘Buy Keys’ when you’re in the Treasure Hunter.

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