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Treasure Trails Expansion Poll Blog

Treasure Trails Expansion Poll Blog

Welcome to the Treasure Trails Expansion Poll blog! In the coming days, we'll be polling an expansion to Treasure Trails. Back in July 2016, we released a Treasure Trails Expansion that included Master Clues, new types of challenges, and new rewards. After the announcement post on Friday the 22nd of February, we went through hundreds of your designs, suggestions, and feedback regarding the upcoming Treasure Trails Expansion. The Old School team agrees that this expansion is set to be one of the best yet!

The poll for the below questions will be live on Friday (08/03/2019) and will close on the following Monday (11/03/2019).

This is a revised version of a previous blog post. We have made the following changes based on your feedback:
  • Beginner Clues will not be required to hand into Watson for a Master Clue
  • Stackable Clues now refer to Multiple Clues to better fit the description of the change to clue scrolls
  • Multiple Clues now have a cap of 5 per tier
  • Multiple Clues now have a new polled option in regards to drop rates
  • Removal of the warning message for the Mimic Boss fight when opening reward casket
  • Addition of the Mimic Boss fight to be unlockable by talking to an NPC rather than being forced upon players
  • Addition of stats and descriptions regarding polled rewards
Changelog 2
This list records the changes from feedback to the posting of this revised version of the blog
  • Re-rolls now have a range of numbers to define how many clues you will need to complete to unlock a one-time step re-roll
  • Addition of Beginner Clue potential reward suggestions from you
  • The Blessed D'hide shield has received a graphical update
  • Addition of clue tiers to polled rewards
  • 3rd Age Druidic set will now include the 3rd Age Druidic Cloak
  • Addition of a few reward ideas for Mimic Boss
  • More reward suggestions from you have been added to the "More Rewards" section
  • Addition of a Master Scroll Book Section and poll question

Beginner Clue Scrolls

This short 1-3 step clue will be accessible to both F2P and P2P players and will offer F2P clue challenges and rewards . Following your feedback , this clue scroll will not be part of the requirements to obtain a master clue scroll from Watson.

Alongside Beginner Clue Scrolls, there will be a new tutor to teach new F2P players how clue scrolls work and where to obtain them . In addition, at the end of the X Marks the Spot Quest, players will now be rewarded with a Beginner Clue Scroll and directed to talk to the new clue tutor to learn more about them. Players who have already completed the quest will still be able to claim their Beginner Clue Scroll Reward.

Please note that Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master clue scrolls will remain members only items.

Some unique reward suggestions from you for Beginner Clues are as follows:
  • Frog Slippers
  • Runes Cape
  • Rune Scimitar Ornament Kit
  • Monk Robes (t)

New Clue Puzzles

These new clue puzzles will include new slider puzzles designed by the Old School Community. Most of the designs are focused on highlighting some of our successful updates over the past few years. These new slider puzzles will appear in all clues tiers that currently have a potential to receive a slider puzzle.

Some of the new slider puzzles feature designs inspired by:
  • Raids I: Chambers of Xeric
  • Theatre of Blood
  • Vorkath

More Rewards

We had numerous designs and ideas from you for new clue rewards. After sifting through hundreds of ideas the following rewards will need to pass a poll before being put into game. They are as follows:

Cape of Skulls
  • This cape would skull the player when worn. Just like Amulet of Avarice, when equipping the cape players would be given a warning. The skull will be applied until the cape is unequipped, at which point the skull will disappear after twenty minutes.
  • The cape would have the same stats as an Obsidian Cape.
  • This will be an easy clue reward
  • Provides the following stats:

Spiked Manacles (footwear slot)
  • This barefoot style footwear will have stats comparable to Climbing boots but with a +4 strength bonus and no defence bonuses or quest requirement.
  • This will be a medium clue reward
  • Provides the following stats:

Blessed D'hide Shields
  • These shields will have stats comparable to a Black d'hide shield but with +1 prayer bonus. They will come in Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, Ancient, Armadyl, and Bandos styles to match the blessed dragonhide armour currently in game.
  • This will be a hard clue reward
  • Provides the following stats:

Fremennik Kilt
  • This stylish kilt will have stats comparable to Iron platelegs but with +1 strength bonus.
  • This will be an elite reward
  • Provides the following stats:

3rd Age Druidic Set
  • This will be the final set in the 3rd age set. The Top and Bottoms will require 65 Prayer and Defence to wear.
  • The 3rd Age Druidic Wreath is not included in the set because it is already obtainable in game via Diango's Toy Store.
  • This will be a master clue reward
  • Provides the following stats:

If the Treasure Trails expansion is added to the game, a selection of new rewards will be added. These rewards will either be cosmetic or match the stats of items with similar requirements that already exist in game. These would not be polled individually, but rather be included as part of the Treasure Trails expansion and distributed across all tiers of clue scroll. Here are just some of the new rewards that could appear in your reward casket:
  • Uri's Hat
  • Ranger Tights
  • Obby Maul Ornament Kits
  • Gilded Dragonhide Set
  • Gilded Defender Kit
  • 3rd Age Plateskirt
  • Wolf Mask and Cape
  • Sandwich Lady Outfit
  • Heraldic Platebodies
  • Joint of H.A.M (wieldable)
  • Staff of Bob the Cat
  • Double Sai
  • 3rd Age Staff
  • Jester Cape
  • Gnome Scarf Recolours
  • Mole Slippers
  • Gilded Spade
  • Gilded Hatchet and Pickaxe

Poll Question #1
Should a Treasure Trails expansion be added to Old School RuneScape? This expansion will include new challenges and new rewards for the existing tiers of clue scrolls as well as a brand new ‘Beginner’ tier.

Poll Question #2
If the Treasure Trails expansion passes, should the Cape of Skulls be added as a potential reward?

Poll Question #3
If the Treasure Trails expansion passes, should Spiked Manacles be added as a potential reward?

Poll Question #4
If the Treasure Trails expansion passes, should Blessed D'hide Shields be added as a potential reward?

Poll Question #5
If the Treasure Trails expansion passes, should the Fremennik Kilt be added as a potential reward?

Poll Question #6
If the Treasure Trails expansion passes, should the 3rd Age Druidic Set be added as a potential reward?

Re-Rolling Clue Steps

There have been some mixed reviews regarding re-rolling clue steps. Following from your feedback, it appears that the process of re-rolling a clue step needs some clarification. A re-roll is the ability to change the step you currently have and get a different one in its place. The only way to acquire a re-roll is to complete 20-60 clue scrolls of the same tier as the clue step you want to re-roll. You can not complete numerous easy clues to unlock a re-roll for a master clue. This a one time use step re-roll and will require you to do a further 20-60 clues in order to unlock another re-roll ability. Re-roll unlocks are to act as more of a reward for completing clue scrolls rather than making clue scrolls too easy. There is no guarantee that the re-roll will make the new step any easier.

The breakdown for unlocking a one-time use clue step re-roll is as follows:
  • Easy Clues - 60
  • Medium Clues - 50
  • Hard Clues - 40
  • Elite Clues - 30
  • Master Clues - 20

Poll Question #7
Should we allow players to unlock the ability to re-roll clue steps as described in the blog?

Multiple Clue Scrolls and Stackable Reward Caskets

This was one of the most talked about parts of the Treasure Trails Expansion and we want to thank you for taking the time to give us feedback regarding it. Following from feedback, multiple clues will have a hard cap at 5 per tier. This will not stack in your inventory or bank due to restrictions on how to differentiate a clue started versus just received, however, it will allow you to have multiple clues of each type at the same time. You will still only be able to complete one clue of each tier at a given time. Should multiple clues pass, there is an option to make the clue scrolls similar to Ecumenical Keys in that your rate at receiving another clue of the same tier is reduced until you reach the cap of 5.

Stackable reward caskets will allow you to have multiple caskets at the same time rather than having to open it immediately after completing each clue. You still must complete a clue scroll to receive a casket, but can complete another clue scroll without having to open/drop the reward casket first. These caskets will stack and take up one slot in your inventory or bank.

Poll Question #8
Should we allow players to have multiple clue of the same tier with a cap at 5 per tier as described in the blog?

Poll Question #9
If question 8 passes, should your chance of receiving additional clue scrolls decrease after you receive your first clue scroll? This would behave similarly to receiving Ecumenical keys

Poll Question #10
Should we allow players to have stackable reward caskets as described in the blog?

Treasure Trails Mimic Boss

Players will be able to unlock the ability to fight the Mimic Boss. After unlocking the feature by speaking to an NPC, upon completion of a clue scroll your reward casket will have a rare chance at becoming a Mimic that you must defeat in order to receive your reward. This Mimic boss will be found on Elite and Master clue caskets and will swallow you whole into an instance to initiate the fight.

The mechanics of the fight are still to be determined, however, it was suggested by one of you to have the Mimic boss spawn floating ghostly NPCs wearing 3rd Age Sets that attack you while having the Mimic boss throw various Treasure Trails items representing different attack styles. Another suggestion from you was to have the Mimic boss transform into random Old School RuneScape iconic bosses that will imitate attack styles of that boss. Should Mimic boss pass a poll, we will look to you all for feedback regarding the overall mechanics of the fight and new reward suggestions. Keep in mind that the Mimic boss is intended to be high risk but high reward.

We are still looking for more Mimic Boss reward ideas. Some of the suggestions from you for rewards from Mimic are listed below:
  • Ring of 3rd Age - This allows you to transform into some 3rd Age items
  • Watson's Outfit
  • Revenant Knight Armour Set

Poll Question #11
Should we introduce an optional but rare Mimic Boss fight to reward caskets for a chance at a rare clue reward?

Clue Scroll Graphical Changes

A graphical change to the way clue scrolls look in your inventory and bank will help make it easier to distinguish between the tiers of clue scrolls. We have received a few ideas regarding the graphical changes and have a mock up of them above to make them fit the style of Old School but also make them distinguishable, similar to the clue bottles and nests:

Poll Question #12
Should we introduce a graphical change to clue scrolls to make them easily distinguishable between the tiers? You can find a mock up image of the graphical change on the blog.

Master Scroll Book Change

Master Scroll Books currently allow you to store every type of teleport scroll up to 1,000 of each type. Most of the time, if a player already has a Master Scroll Book and receives another, it is either sold on the Grand Exchange, dropped, or alched. We want to offer you the ability to make use of your excess Master Scroll Books by allowing you the chance to turn them into Watson for 10-20 Watson Teleport Scrolls. These scrolls will teleport you directly outside of Watson's house in Kourend.

Poll Question #13
If the Treasure Trails expansion passes, should the Master Scroll Book have the option to be traded in to Watson in exchange for 10-20 Watson Teleport Scrolls? These scrolls will teleport you outside of Watson’s house in Kourend.

Discuss this announcement on our official forums, the community-led 2007Scape Reddit, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For reference on the above content, check out the official Wiki.

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