Tribute to Guthix and New Combat Abilities

Tribute to Guthix (free players and members)

The events of The World Wakes have already made waves across Gielinor, and no-one has been more affected than Guthix's druids. Memstix and Runestax are spreading the word just outside Falador's north gate: extolling the teachings of their god and honouring his name.

Speak to Memstix to pick up a three-piece cosmetic set of Guthix-themed gear, as well as an emote and an impressive override for two-handed swords: the Sword of Edicts (which, once obtained, can be displayed through the Customisation Interface). These free gifts are available immediately for free players and members.

Sword of Edicts

Guthixian butterflies have also begun to manifest throughout the game world. Catching enough will unlock memories of Guthix himself, where all-new lore about Guthix's life as a mortal, his ascension to godhood, and his relationship with the goddess Seren will be revealed. Up to four memories can be unlocked each day, and there are 15 in total - keep catching those butterflies if you want to unlock them all! Members will also get XP in their lowest skill for each butterfly they catch. You won't earn XP or unlock any more memories for catching more than 20 butterflies per day, though.

Finally, Memstix and Runestax are building a tribute stone for Guthix just north of Falador. To pay your own tribute to Guthix, contribute a piece of rune essence to the stone. When you do so, you'll find out how many players have done the same thing. The stone will persist even when the event is over and - if at least 250,000 rune essence is added across the game worlds - the stone will act as a permanent prayer altar and small obelisk.


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How to start Tribute to Guthix:

  • Speak to Memstix just north of Falador, by the lodestone, to receive the gifts.
  • Speak to Runestax - in the same place - for more information on the tribute stone.
  • Butterflies can be found throughout the world


None, although only RuneScape members can earn XP from catching butterflies.

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New Combat Abilities (free players and members)

In another batch of awesome EoC updates, we've introduced four brand-new combat abilities - two each for rangers and mages - and also expanded the functions of two existing dual-wielding melee abilities.


Sonic Wave (level 8, two handed): This basic ability deals 120% of your active spell's damage gives your next attack a 10% accuracy bonus against the affected target. It has a five-second cooldown, but is a great way to help that big ultimate you've been saving up hit its mark.

Concentrated Blast (level 12, dual wielding): This basic-tier combo ability fires out three magical blasts - each causing 100% spell damage. Each of the three beams has a 5% greater chance to critically hit than its predecessor, so the damage can really stack up.


Dazing Shot (level 8, two handed): As with Sonic Wave, this basic ability deals 120% damage and makes your next attack against the target 10% more likely to hit. It's a great way to set up your enemy for a big coup de grace.

Needle Strike (level 12, dual wielding): This basic ability does a solid 120% weapon damage, and increases your next hit's chance to critical strike by 10%.

Unload: This ultimate now does up to 110% damage per hit to enemies in the target area, with each consecutive hit adding 10% on top of the previous hit's modifier.


Flurry: The flurry of blows put out by this dual-wielding ability now affect consecutive enemies in a 360 degree area around you. As soon as one of these misses, all remaining hits in the six-second duration hit your original target, so accuracy is key for continued AoE carnage.


Frenzy: This mighty dual-wielding ultimate now causes up to 110% damage per hit in a 10-second melee barrage against targets straight in front of you, with each consecutive hit adding 10% damage on top of the previous hit's modifier.

As always, let us know your feedback on how these abilities are working out for you - as well as any other EoC feedback you have - on the forums.

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Behind the Scenes Video

Take a look at our latest Behind the Scenes Video here:

In Other News

  • Reflect on the events of The World Wakes with new Guthix-themed outfits, available from Solomon's General Store.
  • Take part in our Feast for Guthix this weekend, when a plethora of Prayer-related items show up on the Squeal of Fortune.

The patch notes archive can be viewed here.

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