Twisted League Rewards

Twisted League Rewards

Twisted League Rewards

The Twisted League is now well under way! We've noticed some confusion around the points and reward system, so we'd like to take a moment to explain things more clearly! We'll also touch on League Trophies and how they should work in the future.

When and Where Can I Spend My Points?

League points can be spent on rewards in the Reward Shop, which will be added to the main game soon (in an inactive state). The Twisted League is due to end on January 16th.

League to League

Points earned from the Twisted League will be used to purchase current and future rewards, so any leftover points aren't wasted! Similarly, points earned in any future Leagues may be used to purchase the current rewards from the Twisted League - as well as any other past leagues.

"Spending" Points on Relics

Points 'spent' on relics do not subtract from the points you can spend on rewards at the end of the League. Consider these more as milestone rewards rather than items you purchase.

Buying Multiple Rewards

Each reward in the shop can be bought multiple times, so if you want to buy some for yourself and some to trade, you can!

Reward Cost
Twisted League Banner 750
Twisted League Home Teleport Scroll 750
Twisted League Outfit (Tiers 1, 2 and 3). 1,000, 2,500, and 10,000.
Twisted League POH Wall Kit 4,000
Twisted League Slayer Helm Recolour 6,000

League Trophies


Trophies are untradeable rewards that players will receive based on rank (determined by points earned) at the end of the Twisted League. We've seen the discussion about how trophies will work season-to-season, and this in turn has sparked discussion within the team.

The first issue we face is whether or not trophies should become discontinued when a League ends. In other words, should each trophy be unique to the League it comes from and be unobtainable thereafter? There is also the issue of what would happen should Leagues be discontinued in the future (more on this later).

Our opinions are split, so we'd like your help. This will not affect other rewards, which will still be tradeable and accessible throughout every League, and also available from elsewhere in the main game if Old School Leagues were to end.

The Choice

In the Twisted Leagues reveal blog we stated that League rewards will not be discontinued. However in the rewards section of the Twisted League release post, we specified that the trophies "can only be claimed by players who attained the specific rank in the League". These statements appear to contradict one another, and as a result some players expecting that the same trophies will be obtainable in every League and others thinking that rewards will be exclusive to an individual League, and therefore no longer obtainable once it is over.

The Old School team isn't sure of the best approach, so below we make the case for each side - we leave the decision to you!

Case 1: Keep Them Unique
  • An item showing where you placed in the League should be prestigious. Making the rewards obtainable in future leagues (or elsewhere if OSRS should Leagues stop altogether) devalues the value of a player's achievement. This is especially true given that not all Leagues will be the same (e.g. they may be area-locked, PvP focused etc).

  • Having the exact same trophy available from each League decreases their worth, as it says nothing about when, where or how you attained them. In addition, competing in future Leagues would yield one less unique reward. With higher ranks then becoming easier to obtain, players may feel they have less reason to participate.

  • While discontinued items failed polls previously, these were offered in the form of Holiday Event items. The community may not feel the same way about rewards which are competed for and require much more effort to obtain.
Case 2: Keep Them Available
  • Discontinued items from holiday events failed polls in 2013, 2016 and 2018. This suggests that the community does not support the introduction of items which eventually become unobtainable.

  • We also recognise that as the Twisted League is already underway, players who start late or wait until the next League (perhaps under the assumption that the trophies will be available later) would lose out should they be discontinued.
Potential Solutions

There is also the issue of what to do should Leagues finish altogether. To avoid being discontinued entirely, they would need to be introduced through main-game content. Consider this when thinking about the potential solutions.

The answer to all of these problems will take one of the forms below, so we'd like to run these through an opinion poll. Let us know what you think, and if you have a proposal of your own then please do let us know.
  • Keep trophies the same throughout every League. Make these available elsewhere in the future if Leagues were to stop.

  • Keep trophies the same throughout every League. Make these unavailable in the future if Leagues were to stop.

  • Have unique trophies for every League (differentiated by the logo style on the front) that cannot be obtained if Leagues were to stop.

  • Have unique trophies for every League (differentiated by the logo style on the front) with each one obtainable elsewhere if Leagues were to stop.
We look forward to hearing what you think! Let us know by joining the discussion on these Twitter, Reddit and Official Forum threads.

Update (19/12/2019):

Thank you all for your feedback! Itís overwhelmingly clear to us that unique League trophies are the way to go - therefore, we no longer feel it necessary to hold the opinion poll mentioned above.

Going forward, each League will have a unique trophy which will not be obtainable once that League has ended. Once the Twisted League is over, you can claim your trophy by speaking to the League Tutor.

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