Unbalanced Trade Removal

Unbalanced Trade Removal:

From this moment on, no unbalanced trades may be made. This applies to every player, on every world, no matter if you are free-to-play or a member.

To read more about why we have made this change, please read the Development Diary: RuneScape vs Real-world Trading.

We would like to remind you that the Grand Exchange is a great option for buying or selling items, where you can purchase items at 5% above or below their market price. Additionally, balanced trades are still possible.

New 30,000gp Trade Margin!:

Note: The following changes only apply if you are on a members' world.

Today, we have made a change to the planned 3,000gp trade margin for today's release. Instead, we are basing your trade margin on the number of Quest Points you have, giving you more flexibility when making balanced trades.

Having read your Forum posts and noted all of your feedback, we have come to the decision that you should have a margin of up to 30,000gp!

Originally, the total value of any items being given in a balanced trade would have had to be within a margin of 3,000gp of the items being received. Instead, we are increasing this margin according to the number of quests you have completed. As an example, a player who has 150 Quest Points will be able to receive items with a market value of 21,000gp above or below the items they are offering.

No matter how many Quest Points you have, it will take 15 minutes before your gp limit resets.

Any individual trade is limited by the lower of the two players' limits. For example, if a player with 100 Quest Points is trading with a player on 30 Quest Points, then both players will be limited to a 3,000gp difference every 15 minutes.

The table below will give you a rough idea of the value that applies to you.

QP Trade Margin
200 or more 30,000
190 28,200
180 26,400
170 24,600
160 22,800
150 21,000
140 19,200
130 17,400
120 15,600
110 13,800
100 12,000
90 10,200
80 8,400
70 6,600
60 4,800
50 or less 3,000

Your limit increases for every Quest Point that you gain. As more quests are introduced, with more Quest Points, we may decide to increase the above values.

For more information on unbalanced trades, please read the Knowledge Base article.

Duel Arena:

It is not only trades that are affected by Quest Points. We have also increased the staking cap for Duel Arena, in the same way. Using the table in the '3,000gp Rule Changes' section, you will be able to find out your new limit for gaining or losing items in staked duels. This does not apply to duel tournaments.

This increase also applies to the Rat Pits minigames.

For more information on the Duel Arena stake cap, please read the Knowledge Base article.