Updates galore!

Biohazard (Members' Quest): This is the second part of our large ongoing quest. Elena has been rescued, but now she needs your help to find a cure for a plague that could kill hundreds!

Jungle Potion (Members' Quest) Trufitus Shakaya requires that you collect five special jungle herbs for a potion so that he can commune with his gods.

New members town - Yanille: Explore this border town in the far south of Kandarin. Experienced Wizards will want to make use of the Wizards' Guild (magic level 66 to enter). Yanille also contains, a bank, a cookery shop, an inn and various other features.

New members spells - Enfeeble, stun, vulnerability: These are cast using the new "soul rune", bought from the wizards' guild.

New features: Dragon bones - Dragon bones can now be buried for a bigger prayer xp bonus than big bones.

Improved monster A.I. Monsters who are far weaker than you no longer auto attack. This also helps stop cheats who use programs to unfairly keep their character logged in at a respawn point, and gain combat xp unfairly.

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