Valentine's Day Massacre

To celebrate this romantic time of year, we’re demonstrating our love for the return of the Wilderness with our biggest ever fight-a-thon - the RuneScape Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Join us!

On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th February we're looking to all Wilderness lovers to join us for a weekend of wanton Wildy violence with the aim of achieving a massive death toll. To help rack up the kills, we've lined up events for the Valentine's weekend including the massive clan battle: The World's Biggest PKRI Weekend! They'll be awesome events, of course, but for a kill count of truly biblical proportions, we're going to need your help.

Bring people together...and then kill them

We'd love to see you build on the imminent mayhem in any way you like – maybe that’s creating new and imaginative ways to slay your enemies or perhaps it’s organising a massive inter-clan war. Whatever gets that kill count up! If you let us know what you have planned on the Valentine's Day Massacre forum thread, we'll put it on the thread's events calendar to help you get the word out there.

Make cash, not war

If you'd rather use the weekend to make some cash, you might like to contribute to the battle effort by keeping PKers in armour and food. Check out the The Quartermaster’s Market thread for more information.

Sample the delights

For many of you, the Wilderness is a far off place you've not yet discovered. You might even be wondering if the Wilderness is for you. Well, thanks to the Top Wildy Threads thread, now’s the perfect time to dip your toe in.

Calculating the carnage

We’ll count the level of carnage throughout RuneScape’s Valentine’s Day Massacre using our patented "Wilderness-kill-o-meter" and will present the grand death toll to you on Valentine's Day (14 February) in a loving news announcement. <3

The Valentine’s Day Massacre is just over a week away. That gives you lots of time to get practising, create some events and find yourself your perfect partner in crime.

Lots of love,

Community Management
Xxx <3

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