Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Itís a week of love in Old School. The Lumbridge Cook has a new girlfriend and wants your help to impress her. You may even get a new tasty treat if you help him out. The big questions are, who is his girlfriend and is she real? This is the internet after all.

The Valentine's event will be around for one week and all the rewards will disappear then.

We also have a few bug fixes this week:

  • We have done work on the game engine which should allow for faster item switching, we would love to get your feedback on how well this is working for you.
  • The log out timer will now kick you from the game if you have been logged in for 6 hours whether or not you are in combat.
  • The slayer masters now understand the concepts of agility and quest requirements properly and will no longer assign Earth Warriors and Spiritual creatures with checking these first.
  • The Suq-A-Nother One reward for slayer now gives more monsters to kill, not less.
  • Clicking on the minimap orbs no longer closes some cut scenes.
  • The biggest update of the week was moving the castle wars mage hat 5 pixels higher in your inventory! WOO go us!

Join us on our stream tonight on Twitch.TV at 5pm GMT where you will get a first a look at some of the Wilderness updates.

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