Various Small Changes.

We have just made a new option for the Monkey Madness Quest, for people who really, really can't do sliding puzzles. For such people there is now a 'wimp-out' option, to pay a very large sum of money to get the only NPC in the game who knows the combination to do the Monkey Madness sliding puzzle for you. Obviously (if you can) it is much more worthwhile solving it yourself, but we have added this option for people who really are stumped.

I will also take the opportunity to talk about one or two little changes which have gone in today.

Most notably, the crumble undead spell was a bit underpowered before; we have now increased the amount of damage it does.

Some of the npcs will have had small adjustment and improvements to the way they look and to the way they sound when you are fighting them. Most noticably, cows are now brown and white instead of black and white.

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