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Vic the Trader Returns

Due to popular demand, Vic the Trader's return has been brought forward to today. He's back in game now, offering some of the most sought-after Treasure Hunter items in exchange for Bonus XP.

Visit his store in Burthorpe, near the lodestone, and swap any Bonus XP you don’t want for credits.

Then, browse the store to exchange your credits for XP stars and lamps, skilling outfits, protean packs and much, much more – usually only available on Treasure Hunter. This includes some items new to Vic’s store, such as exquisite weapons and the mimic pet.

Vic’s back in business right now, swapping Bonus XP for credits until 23:59 UTC on Monday 20th April. He'll stay in game for a time after that, so you'll have a chance to use up any leftover credits.

Bank Tabs

The Ninja Team have added in a long-awaited feature! You will now be able to drag and reorder your bank tabs. How’s that for organisation?

Citadel Chat

When inside your clan citadel, you can now choose to display your public chat to all players within the citadel or just to players nearby by speaking to the Master Guard. Now there’s no excuse not to cap!

The JMod Toolbox

Today sees the release of our new JMod Toolbox and we just HAVE to show off some of the new sparkly specials and an awesome new skilling node which can be spawned by JMods at events. Now if that’s not a good enough reason to plan some events, I don’t know what is!

We're looking forward to running through some of our new toys to show you the additions we have already made. See below for times you can come and join us in game today.


All events are held at the Lumbridge Crater.

From 12:00 UTC:
Mod Matthe – World 11
Mod Kalaya – World 84

From 14:00 UTC:
Mod Neena – World 3
Mod Jon – World 23

From 16:00 UTC:
Mod Infinity – World 81
Mod Neena – World 124

Have fun, join the discussion on the forums, and keep your eyes peeled: next week, the Aquarium will be here!

The RuneScape Team

In Other News
  • Don't forget, there's a 15% discount at our new Merchandise Store until 23:59 UTC on 16th April! Just enter SHOPLAUNCH15 on checkout.

Read the patch notes for full details of this week's updates.

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