A clerical error by the Temple Knights has meant that all applications to their order by those not White Knights already have been denied, by ancient law.

Luckily, the ever-resourceful Temple Knights have found a loophole to this law that will allow membership applications to continue in return for the performance of a single deed in the name of the White Knights.

As luck would have it, a dangerous criminal exiled many years past has returned once more to spread terror among the civilised lands of RuneScape - should you be able to catch him in the name of the White Knights, membership of their organisation as well as the Temple Knights is assured.

Prove your worth to the White Knights by capturing this criminal, and you will gain limited access to their armouries. Continued demonstration of your commitment to their ranks, by waging war on the Black Knights that have plagued them eternally, will increase your access to their armour and weapons.

Do you have what it takes to become a White Knight Master?

As a result of the further distinction between the Temple Knights and the White Knights, the Temple Knight armourers have made a small redesign to their equipment to show their elite standing.

How Wanted! do you feel?

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