Warriors' Guild and Dragon Defender

You know that shiny red dragon defender that so many people have been suggesting on the forums? Well, from today, you can get one from the noble custodians of the Warriors' Guild...that is if you already own a rune defender and spend some more time in Kamfreena's cyclops room.

While in that room after a dragon defender, the cyclopes may just have had enough of you killing off their brethren, and call in their bigger, meaner brother-in-arms – the cyclossus. He's no pushover, and you’ll need a rune or dragon defender equipped, but should you be able to defeat him you’ll find yourself well rewarded!

To aid you in gaining a dragon defender, the other trainers at the Warriors' Guild have made some small tweaks to their own training rooms. For instance, you'll find that your Strength level and stance really makes a difference when throwing the shot, and Jimmy's added a little extra challenge when you’re wearing your alcoholic headpiece.

You'll also no longer have to carry around bagfuls of tokens, as they are now just kept track of in a handy interface. You can also use a new multi-token mode in the cyclops room, which will give you more time in there, increasing your chances of receiving a dragon defender.

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In other news...

The penguin spies have decided to mix things up and have hence become a little less predictable. They are also scoping out a couple of new areas...

Sounds when attacking NPCs and players have been updated to play louder sounds depending on how hard you are hit, and playing no sound if you take no damage.

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