Waterbirth Island

Recently travellers passing through the Fremennik Province of Rellekka have mentioned some kind of commotion happening on the nearby Waterbirth Island. The normally picturesque beauty spot seems to have been overrun by a swarm of monsters, although the distrustful Fremenniks are giving little information away to outsiders.

Those adventurers wishing to take on the challenge of a mysterious new dungeon, and possibly discover some new class-specific armours, should head immediately to Rellekka and speak to Jarvald, the new ferryman on the north-western side of town, who will provide passage to Waterbirth Island for all interested in joining the battle, whether they be a Fremennik or not.

In other news...

The Enchanted Lyre teleports to Rellekka have been slightly tweaked: offerings of raw shark will now give you 2 teleports to Rellekka before your lyre needs re-enchanting, but offerings of sea turtles and manta rays will allow you 3 or 4 teleports before you need to re-enchant your lyre.

All people with enchanted lyres before this update will have their lyre upgraded to have 2 uses automatically when they next log in.

Adventurers are reporting sightings of new random events throughout RuneScape, including armies of frogs, repentant highwaymen, freaky foresters and the world's most dangerous chicken. So keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected... Details of the new events are available in the manual.

We've also made a slight improvement to the stats of splitbark armour.

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