Weekend Beta Event: Soul Wars

The weekend is upon us and that can only mean one thing: the doors of our Evolution of Combat beta worlds are once again open to all RuneScape members! From 4pm Friday 20th July to 10am Monday 23rd July (BST), all subscribed players can access our beta servers and take part in testing the new Evolution of Combat content.

This weekend, our developers are paying particular attention to the Soul Wars activity. We would really value your feedback on this particular arena of combat, and so we would appreciate it if our intrepid Beta players could spend some time duking it out in a game of Soul Wars at some point during their time on the beta servers this weekend.

Soul Wars battles can lead to some fiercely frenetic fights, and so, alongside the usual feedback, we’d also love to see some shots of you in full combat action.

In order to show off your killer skills, all you need to do is take an epic screen shot of you in battle and then send it to us at community@jagex.com. We'll pick the meanest and most magnificent and give them pride of place on our official RuneScape Facebook page, where nearly 900,000 fellow RuneScape fans can marvel at your prowess!

If you're not familiar with the fine art of Soul Wars, make sure you read up on the game over on the RuneScape Wiki article here. Otherwise, we'll look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your feedback after the event.

Good luck!

The RuneScape Team

Official beta members can discuss this event here, otherwise, please use this thread.

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