Well of Goodwill

Well of Goodwill

Hi everyone,

Today, we are delighted to announce that we are launching an important update to RuneScape: the Well of Goodwill.

The Well of Goodwill update is a way of enabling the RuneScape community to use their in-game wealth to donate to real-world charitable causes.

Located just south of the Grand Exchange, players can donate their surplus items, gold and even Bonds into the well towards great charitable causes. For every 10 million GP value donated by players, Jagex will donate $1 of real money. For every Bond donated, we’ll pass all revenue received directly on to the charities.

Over the years we’ve privately supported a number of good causes and we thought this time round not only should we try include the community but also focus our efforts towards supporting a number of charities who efficiently and directly support disadvantaged, terminally ill or at-risk young people. While no doubt our list of charities will grow over time, we would like start with a few close to our own heart:

About Willow

Willow supports seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds by providing Special Days.

During uncertain times, each unique Special Day is a positive focus away from treatment or marks recovery from illness. The planning, anticipation and excitement of the day boosts confidence, provides inspiration to make every moment count and creates lasting memories.

Recent research highlighted results from Special Days as ‘astounding’ and this year Willow will provide its 10,000th Special Day.

About SpecialEffect

SpecialEffect is an award-winning charity that helps people with disabilities benefit from the fun, rehabilitation and therapy of video games. They support people of all ages through assessments, equipment loans and equipment modifications.

About Action For Kids

Action For Kids has been helping transform the lives of young people with physical and learning disabilities across the country since 1991, through the provision of mobility equipment, learning, training and support.

For more information please visit www.actionforkids.org.

About GamesAid

GamesAid is a games-industry charity which acts as an umbrella, supporting a number of smaller charities who help disadvantaged and disabled children and young people. It is a non-trading body, administered by trustees who operate on a fixed-term basis, and is run by a chairman who is also appointed on a fixed term. As the only fully democratic charity in the games space, members of the games industry propose and vote for the charities of their choice annually. The charities who get the top number of votes then get an equal share of all the funds raised that year, proving that games and gamers can do great things for others.

About the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

The Internet Watch Foundation is the internet hotline for anyone to report online child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world, non-photographic child sexual abuse images and criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK.

Why are you doing this?

Generosity nourishes the soul. People who have given to good causes and seen the positive impact and good will that it creates will tell you it feels truly great to give! At Jagex, we have always been passionate about our charity work. Jagex - as a company – regularly raises funds and donates thousands of pounds to various charities each year - and that's not including the money that our talent raise alongside us, which we always match pound for pound! We've played a part in Children in Need, Red Nose Day, Movember and a myriad of other charitable events throughout the years.

However, this year we wanted to find a way to extend the act of giving to our players, providing them the freedom to support charities - if they wish - through their in-game efforts, without it necessarily impacting their pockets.

A second benefit of adding the Well of Goodwill is that it will also act as a massive gold sink for the game: something we promised with the launch of Bonds that's still needed, which will have a huge impact on improving the game's economy.

How else can I get involved?

Our Community Team will be holding a number of events throughout November, where you can show your support in-game. plus we will also be running a temporary hiscore for the biggest donators of RSGP and Bonds for you competitive types. ☺

For more information on the Well of Goodwill, please check out the Well of Goodwill page where you can keep track with how much GP has been donated so far, and the wiki page. Alternatively, discuss on our forums or read our FAQ.

We thank you in advance for your wonderful support and for truly making a difference.

Thank you for your generosity and support.


Mark Gerhard

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