What Lies Below

Rat Burgiss is in trouble! His cart has broken down outside of Varrock and he needs your help with an important task. The quest isn’t so simple, though, as you’ll discover when you get inducted into the Varrock Palace Secret Guard!

There are conspiracies everywhere and some very dark secrets in Varrock’s past, and you’ll need to unravel all of them to get to the truth. What Lies Below Varrock?

You won’t go unrewarded, getting some help with your chaos Runecrafting.

Requirements to start What Lies Below

Rune Mysteries
Level 35 Runecrafting

In other news...

Down in Dorgesh-Kaan, we've made a handful of minor tweaks to improve some of the features. For a start, Barlak is now paying higher prices than before for the special shells people bring him. Secondly, Miltog the lamp merchant has expanded her shop to allow players to sell a variety of fuelled lamps to her (i.e. lamps that have been completed and are ready to be lit). Finally, the weight of the heavier power plant items has been drastically reduced, so they won't drain your run energy so severely when you're carrying them around the Agility course.

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