While Guthix Sleeps & Dragon Claws

While Guthix Sleeps & Dragon Claws
While Guthix Sleeps & Dragon Claws

2015 has been a big year for Old School so far. Zulrah, Permanent F2P, the Grand Exchange, Achievement Diaries and lots more. To keep up the trend of big updates, we wanted to bring something to Old School that we know a number of players have been asking for since the start.

While Guthix Sleeps, one of the most memorable quests to ever come to RuneScape, is now available in Old School!


While Guthix Sleeps

While Guthix Sleeps, considered to be a stepping stone in RuneScape questing, is now available in Old School.

Due to some pieces of content not existing in Old School, we have had to make a few minor tweaks to parts of the quest. You can find out all of the information you might need by talking to Little Mo in Lumbridge. You can find Little Mo just north of the Lumbridge Castle entrance.


Dragon Claws

As has always been the case with While Guthix Sleeps, dragon claws can be obtained after completing the quest. They require 60 Attack to wear.

Due to the slight difference in the maximum strength and attack bonuses between when dragon claws were originally released and what is available in Old School, with Old School having a slightly higher maximum strength bonus, we have slightly increased the stats of dragon claws to be a better fit.

Stab Attack: 0
Slash Attack: +51
Crush Attack: -4
Magic attack: 0
Range Attack: 0

Stab Defence: +13
Slash Defence: +26
Crush Defence: +7
Magic Defence: 0
Ranged Defence: 0

Strength: +68
Prayer: 0

Special attack - Slice and Dice

The special attack of dragon claws, Slice and Dice, causes you to hit four times in quick succession. It costs 50% special attack energy.

We will be monitoring the impact that Slice and Dice has on PvP in the coming weeks and will tweak it if necessary.

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