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Who is streaming this weekend?

May 02 2014
Who is streaming this weekend?

There are a huge amount of really entertaining streamers on Twitch TV who put a lot of effort into entertaining our community. This weekend there are a whole host of streams going on, support these guys by checking them out.

On Friday at 7 PM GMT 1LuckyDuck will be training some Runecrafting, Slayer and other skills. Be sure to tune in to his stream!

This Saturday at 9 PM GMT Jonthorian will be streaming his 1000 Barrows Chest Challenge. Make sure you’re a part of this one because it sounds epic!

Also streaming this weekend will be, Bennkin and PersonallyRS so head over to their channels and give them a follow so that you can find out when they’ll be going live!

Look below to see who is on right now.

If you have a stream planned for next weekend and want it advertised here, please let @JagexLee know.

If you want to stream on the official Runescape channel please contact @ModPaulM

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