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Who's streaming this weekend

June 06 2014
Who's streaming this weekend

There are a huge amount of really entertaining streamers on Twitch TV who put a lot of effort into entertaining our community. This weekend there are a whole host of streams going on, support these guys by checking them out.

On Friday at 9 PM GMT, Chris Archie will be streaming on the official Runescape channel.

Also, streaming on a daily basis, TheftyGamer will be levelling up and questing on both his main account and skiller account. Make sure that you check out his channel to keep up with his progress as well as his “Road to Quest Cape” series!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM GMT, Deathsreaper7 will be streaming an array of things such as Barrows, PvP and some alternative money making methods! Be sure to catch his streams this weekend!

Also, streaming every day this weekend at 7:30 PM GMT, ROBBOsickdog will be working towards obtaining every God Wars Dungeon drop. There will also be some clue scroll and slayer action as he closes in on the road to 99 Slayer. Be sure to show your support by tuning in to his stream!

Streaming for a majority of Saturday, PandaPher will be doing some casual slaying and clue hunting. Head over to his channel to see if he gets any rare drops or pieces of Third-age armour!

Lastly, on Saturday at 10 PM GMT, Daubz will be streaming his road to 99 Slayer. He is currently 85 Slayer and as you watch he’ll be providing his viewers with some efficient skilling commentary! Make sure that you tune in to his stream and support him on his grind to 99!

Look below to see who is on right now.

If you have a stream planned for next weekend and want it advertised here, please let @JagexLee know. Make sure that within the tweet you provide the time that you’ll be streaming (GMT), what you’ll be streaming and your Twitch URL.

If you want to stream on the official Runescape channel please contact @ModPaulM

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