Wild Weekends: Double Drops and Monkey Mayhem

Wild Weekends: Double Drops and Monkey Mayhem

Double Drops

From Saturday to Monday inclusive, a wide selection of bosses and other enemies throughout RuneScape will reward you with double drops - your swag bagíll be fuller than ever before, as youíll find a duplicate of everything looted from the beasts below:

Thereís also a chance to receive double drops from the Barrows brothers, and from the Barrows chest.

Facing down a brutal boss is all the better with a friend or two at your side, so be sure to get involved with the RuneScape Community Teamís Stomp the Bosses event this weekend.

Spin to Win

From the 19th of May to the 21st of May inclusive (GMT), weíre adding a fantastic selection of monkey-themed prizes to be won on the Squeal of Fortune. Thereís a cosmetic monkey mace, a consumable monkey barrel that's even more fun than it sounds, and three monkey hats themed around ďsee no evil; hear no evil; speak no evilĒ. The barrel can be found among the common drops, while the monkey mace and monkey hats will be uncommon drops. Donít miss out on your chance to grab a piece of monkey mayhem while they're available on the Squeal of Fortune!

This offer runs from Saturday the 19th up to and including Monday the 21st in its entirety (GMT), so what are you waiting for? Sharpen your weapons, polish your armour and youíll be rewarded with some fantastic drops.

Donít forget that as a member youíll get 3 spins instead of 2 every day you login during May as part of the Mad May offer, so youíll have even more chances to win big. Subscribe now so you can get your extra spins!

The RuneScape Team

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