Wilderness Top Tips Competition & Live Q&A

The release of free trade and the Wilderness is so close we can practically smell it... or is that fear? Anyway, excitement is building and from “What's the best inventory to take on a wildy trip?” to “What’s happening with green dragons?”, everyone’s got a million questions.

So how’s this for a deal? We’ll comb the forums for your questions and release an FAQ towards the weekend and hold a forum Q&A session with RuneScape’s lead designer, Mod Mark, to answer your free trade and Wilderness update development questions. Meanwhile, you as our community can help each other out by taking part in our Top Tips Competition and sharing your expert advice that any self respecting Wilderness adventurer should know before setting out. Sound fair? Of course it does.

We’re combing the forums right now so that by this weekend you’ll find your most frequently asked questions in this handy dedicated forum thread. That thread will also play host to a Q&A session this Saturday afternoon at 3pm GMT, with Mod Mark on hand to answer your free trade or Wildy related questions. We’ll be taking questions live not only from our forums, but from our Twitter followers and our Facebook friends.

Whether you’re a seasoned Wildy master responsible for the deaths of 1000s or a savvy trader who knows how to make a buck or two out of a battle, we want your top Wilderness tips. We’ll be announcing our top player tips in an upcoming video and if your tip is in there, you get to feel really clever and win a prize. Double win!

Entering is easy, because you can tell us your tip by video, by email or by forum post. Just make sure you get your sage chunks of knowledge to us before Monday 24th January. That’s not long we know, but the Wilderness won’t wait and will be here on February 1st, so the community needs your knowledge now!

You can find full competition details as well as details of prizes and an FAQ on how to enter on the official competition thread.

Good luck out there!

Mod Paul M & Mod Hohbein
Community Management

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